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  • Blog Post: Awesome tools you can use to build your next HTML5 website or application

    Even if the actual version of HTML as been discussed for a couple of years now, it is fairly new. We see a lot more enthusiasts around this new version of this Web standard, and trust me; it's just a beginning. If you have already started to give a closer look to the new features and elements, you probably...
  • Blog Post: What the heck is Responsive Web Design?

    As a Web developer, we need to think about many devices, screen sizes and orientations. It’s not enough now to build our application or website to target only desktop screens: you need to keep in mind that your visitors will come to your site with their smartphones, their netbooks, their tablets...
  • Blog Post: Awesome resources for Developers Tools, Languages and Framework track at TechDays

    I don’t know for you, but each time I go to a conference, I always want to put my hands into the new technology I just learn. I’m sure that it’s the case for you, so I wanted to give you a one-stop place where you’ll be able to get everything you need to do this with the sessions...
  • Blog Post: Like HTML5? Like Phone Apps? Then you’ll LOVE Mango because…

    A few weeks ago, I wrote a post referencing how you as a developer don’t have to be torn between building mobile experiences in HTML5 or native phone apps.  In fact, with the upcoming Mango release for Windows Phone, the “better together” story is a strong one that allows you to take advantage of...
  • Blog Post: Make Awesome Web: 200 Awesome Resources and Counting

    About six months ago, fellow Microsoft Developer Evangelist, Michael Kordahi ( @delic8genius ) launched Make Awesome Web , a link-blog dedicated to client-side web awesome-ness: Hours after its launch, I asked Michael if I could help out. Reason being, over the past number of years, I’ve used a number...
  • Blog Post: Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator

    “CSS3 gradients are hard. Let's go shopping!” Today, I blogged about my experiences with CSS3 gradients in IE10 PP1 . In short, they’re not the easiest things to get right, especially in a cross-browser supported manner; translating the differences that exist between them can be a challenge. Well, never...
  • Blog Post: CSS3 Gradients in IE10 PP1

    Recently, I’ve been playing around with IE10 PP1, which you can grab from the IE Test Drive site. So far, I really like what I see, especially the support for CSS3 gradients. In fact, if you care to see a sampling of this work, check out the CSS Gradient Background Maker : So, how does this all work...
  • Blog Post: Announcing the Ignite Your Coding Web Development Series!

    Every year, around this time, my colleagues and I organize a series of conversations called Ignite Your Coding . Its purpose is to spark your inner awesomeness by providing you with knowledge and insights on software development. Why? It’s simple: we want to support you; we want to help grow your...
  • Blog Post: Canada is Building a More Beautiful Web

    With its support for modern web standards like HTML5 , CSS3 and SVG , super-fast JavaScript performance , a rich developer experience , full hardware acceleration – Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) has a tremendous amount to offer for web developers . (For an overview of developer-specific features and improvements...
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