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  • Blog Post: It’s not the device, nor the UI. It’s the experience that differentiates.

    We’ve all heard the term “ Consumerization of IT ” (or “ Bring Your Own Device ”). Most of us have seen the disruptive power this concept has within the enterprise, both for good and for bad. But how do you take advantage of this concept with your apps? How do you make sure...
  • Blog Post: Don’t have a Fitt, size does actually matter (for mobile controls, that is)!

    By now, you probably are aware that when you’re building a mobile app or mobile website, trying to fit an existing PC-based app into a phone app isn’t the right answer .  You have to be mindful of what you choose to put on a mobile app’s screen and where you lay it out.  But that’s not the...
  • Blog Post: You need to control yourself when adding controls to mobile UIs

    By now, most people have realized (in theory) that recreating a PC-based app (or web app) is not exactly the right idea for mobile apps.  In practice, however, it is clear that this is not as easy as it sounds .  When you’re building an app that has no history on the PC or web, building the...
  • Blog Post: Ok. Let’s Start from the Beginning.

    One of my favorite things to do is to check and see what folks are talking about on that Internet thing and one of the people I enjoy reading is the handsome and dapper Martin Beeby who we lovingly refer to as “The Beebs” . He is a developer evangelist for Microsoft and loves HTML5 just like me, but...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone links for the week

    A good number of us from the team are in Redmond this week on our annual pilgrimage to the mothership (Microsoft Headquarters) for training, so content from me will be a little lighter than usual. As a result, I wanted to share with you a set of links and resources that are new to help you learn more...
  • Blog Post: Web Design Predictions in 2012

    With the end of the year it is always an industry staple to pontificate on what is going to be important in the coming year. Although I am not a psychic, I have spent time this week getting a read on what will be important around HTML5. Here is my list: Responsive Web Design grows and matures. The concept...
  • Blog Post: 2 in 1! A Metro primer and a webcast.

    If you waited on reading my 5-part Metro and Mobile app design series until the final post, there’s great news in that you can now read each of them online.  Also, if you want an overview of the developer perspective of Windows Phone, from a development standpoint as well as a Marketplace and marketing...
  • Blog Post: Unlocking the motivation of your mobile app user

    When you look at successful mobile apps and games, there are a few common traits that you will notice in them. They all achieve a certain set of goals that may be subtle or completely obvious (or both!). If you harness the power of motivation for your app user, you have created an experience for your...
  • Blog Post: THIS is How You Do It: The USGA Golf Score App for Windows Phone 7

    One of the tricky things about helping developers build for a platform that has yet to be released is that it’s a tabula rasa . There’s no history, which is both blessing and curse: we developers get to make that history, but at the same time, we’re working in the dark. There are no examples to emulate...
  • Blog Post: Perspectives on Clojure and F#

    Don't have Silverlight? You can download it here or download the video in MP4 , MP3 , WMA , WMV , WMV (High) and Zune formats. Here’s a Channel 9 video shot at Emerging Languages Camp 2010 , the first conference on up-and-coming programming languages held in Portland on July 21 – 22. It’s a casual conversation...
  • Blog Post: Ten Things You Need to Know About Design

    What you see above is a slide from Jason Putorti’s slide deck titled 10 Things CEOs Need to Know About Design . Don’t let the title throw you off: everything in the presentation is even more important for developers because we actually make the things our customers use. If you decide to commit only one...
  • Blog Post: Scott “UnMarketing” Stratten: “First Name and Email are Enough” and Other Thoughts on Online Interaction

    Last night at a gathering of Toronto digital marketing and social media types held by TheBizMedia – I’m not sure I qualified for an invite, but hey, free beer! – Scott Stratten , president of UnMarketing , gave a very entertaining, funny and insightful presentation in which he talked about the lessons...
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