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  • Blog Post: Write Once, Publish Anywhere

    Guest Post by Ken Cenerelli Developers love to write code and a great many also like to write blog posts. However, it can be hard to find time to publish blog articles and to keep your site updated. I want to use this space to share an idea that I have been trying recently to motivate myself to put out...
  • Blog Post: Part 4: Azure Mobile Services: What you need to know about Authentication and Authorization

    This tutorial series takes you through how Azure Mobile Services provides Mobile-Backend-As-A-Service by discussing various features and basics of how to get started. Part 1: How Azure Mobile Services enable your Cloud First Mobile First World Part 2: Azure Mobile Services: What you need to know to get...
  • Blog Post: Turkey Hangovers can lead to a Career in Windows Platform Development

    Depending on when you are reading this you might be a semi-comatose state brought on by an overdose of tryptophan infused turkey and probably just too much good food.  Ok, so what does turkey have to do with being a developer?  Well, a great way to cure yourself of the dreaded turkey hangover...
  • Blog Post: Turn Your Future into a Hobby

    For a large number of you, your daytime work doesn’t give you the opportunity to work with the latest and greatest technologies (some, of course, do have this privilege, but not most…). Further, usually the training courses that you go on, given that they are paid for by your employer, apply to the technologies...
  • Blog Post: What’s Up: Developer–November Edition

    Here’s the news as seen on this month’s episode of D³: LIVE & INTERACTiVE : Links Technology Post Roundup - 5th Edition Canadian Developer Events - One stop to get all of the developer events happening nationwide. Canadian Developer Connection Windows Store app - NOW available in the Windows Store...
  • Blog Post: .NET Rocks! Drops In on Canadian Developers

      Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell , infamous hosts of the Internet radio show .NET Rocks! are at it again! They’ve rented a big 37' RV and are driving around the United States talking about Visual Studio 2012. On October 13 , Carl and Richard are making a Canadian stop, recording a live .NET...
  • Blog Post: Your Personal Brand as a Developer: Implementing (Part 2 of 2)

    Guest post by D³: LIVE & INTERACTIVE guest Sue Varty . Have you done your homework? If not, download the worksheet and read Part 1 – it will help you complete the five steps below to implement your personal brand. Do you see any common threads or themes about what you’re all about in Part 1? This...
  • Blog Post: Tickets! Get Your Early Bird Tickets!–At The Movies with Microsoft

    When was the last time, if at all, you had an educational experience (that you could use professionally!) at a movie theatre during the day? Or perhaps you think a professional educational experience at a movie theatre is an oxymoron. In either case, let’s change that! On May 1st , join the ObjectSharp...
  • Blog Post: D³ Special Edition: Directions of IT - The Developer Opportunity

    On this D³: LIVE & INTERACTiVE special, the crew travels to the East of Toronto .NET User Group in Pickering, ON for a special presentation by Gladstone Grant, VP Developer & Platform Group at Microsoft Canada (my boss’ boss) ( LinkedIn , Twitter ). Gladstone talks about Microsoft’s overall technology...
  • Blog Post: Fredericton .NET User Group / OData on September 22nd

    The Fredericton .NET User Group’s site is live (and looking good, too!). If you live in or around Fredericton and are a .NET developer, be sure to bookmark both their site and Twitter account . They’ve got announcements about upcoming meetings as well as developer job listings for New Brunswick and Nova...
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