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  • Blog Post: Visual Studio ‒ It Just Keeps Getting Better

    With Visual Studio Update 2 the IDE of choice for many developers just keeps getting better and better. I'm already a big fan of Visual Studio, it's pretty much the best IDE for a number of platforms and with these recent updates it's just that much more awesome. As someone who's worked on the MS stack...
  • Blog Post: Great Apps Are Inspired by Pure Imagination

    As developers, we tend to be creative people. We use our imagination to think up solutions to solve day to day business problems and then we build apps to bring those solutions to life. Set those business problems aside for a moment. Close your eyes. Tap into your imagination. Go deeper. Even deeper...
  • Blog Post: .NET Rocks! Drops In on Canadian Developers

      Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell , infamous hosts of the Internet radio show .NET Rocks! are at it again! They’ve rented a big 37' RV and are driving around the United States talking about Visual Studio 2012. On October 13 , Carl and Richard are making a Canadian stop, recording a live .NET...
  • Blog Post: <What’s Up: Developers> September Edition

    Here’s the news seen on this month’s episode of D³: LIVE & INTERACTiVE : Links Technology Post Roundup - 3rd Edition Windows Azure Virtual DevCamp / Virtual Workshops Virtual DevCamp On-Demand Virtual DevCamp - Windows Azure in a Nutshell - October 3 (Register...
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio 2012 – Ready to Launch!

    For some, Visual Studio is as sexy as the Surface or as revolutionary as Windows 8, and the best IDE, and it just got even better! There are so many new features in Visual Studio 2012 that I myself have only begun to scratch the surface. What with the new application lifecycle management capabilities...
  • Blog Post: Your Personal Brand as a Developer: Implementing (Part 2 of 2)

    Guest post by D³: LIVE & INTERACTIVE guest Sue Varty . Have you done your homework? If not, download the worksheet and read Part 1 – it will help you complete the five steps below to implement your personal brand. Do you see any common threads or themes about what you’re all about in Part 1? This...
  • Blog Post: Cloud: A Skill and Career Building Opportunity

    A recently released IDC study talks about how the Cloud will deliver more than 70,000 jobs in Canada by 2015. Similarly, the D³: LIVE & INTERACTiVE special entitled Current IT Market Conditions and Hiring Trends in 2012 discussed the increasing need for developers to have Cloud Computing knowledge...
  • Blog Post: D³ Special Edition: Directions of IT - The Developer Opportunity

    On this D³: LIVE & INTERACTiVE special, the crew travels to the East of Toronto .NET User Group in Pickering, ON for a special presentation by Gladstone Grant, VP Developer & Platform Group at Microsoft Canada (my boss’ boss) ( LinkedIn , Twitter ). Gladstone talks about Microsoft’s overall technology...
  • Blog Post: Let Us Help You – Resources to Maximize Your Time and Efforts

    One of the things that’s great about the team’s role is that we get to show developers, such as yourself, what’s possible with Microsoft technologies, making you aware of available training resources, and most importantly, ensuring that we, Microsoft, are there to help you be successful...
  • Blog Post: French Canadian developers, we have a blog for you

    There are probably a lot of French people reading this blog who understands English, but I want to introduce you the French blog for Canadian developers, that we start this year. Even if we'll probably traduce some blog post from here, as there is a lot of awesome content, this new blog isn’t...
  • Blog Post: Dev Unplugged: HTML5 Contest for Web Developers

    For a past few days, there’s been a mysterious hashtag that’s been floating around on Twitter; #devunplugged . There were a lot tweets from the @IE Twitter account cited this hashtag but folks couldn’t find out why. Well, earlier today, Carter Rabasa and the contest organizers took...
  • Blog Post: Developers in Canada You Should Follow on Twitter

    Earlier today, David Yardy ( @dyardy ) sent me the following tweet : As a Developer Evangelist for Microsoft Canada, I want to make sure that I’m staying on top of what’s happening in the Canadian technical community. To do this, I leverage a variety of events, sites, and tools. Among...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone 7 Blogger Night in Toronto

    Last night, we held a night to showcase some cool Windows Phone 7 apps being written by developers in and around the Toronto area. We invited some local tech and mobile industry bloggers and developers to see these apps in action and try out a late beta version of Windows Phone 7 on the hard-to-come...
  • Blog Post: A Must-Read for Mobile Developers: The Mobile Developer Economics 2010 Report

    What’s the number one reason why developers choose a mobile platform? According to Mobile Developer Economics 2010 Report , which is produced by VisionMobile (and which I’ll call MDE 2010 from now on), it’s market penetration: Do mobile developers stick to one platform, or do they develop for multiple...
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