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  • Blog Post: Tutorial #2. How to publish your first site using BlogEngine.NET

    Open the Azure management portal, by going to . Sign in with your DreamSpark/Azure account. You will see the following page: The Azure management portal gives you access to all the web sites that you have created and browse all available resources. But since we just...
  • Blog Post: Tutorial #1. How to create your free student DreamSpark Azure account

    Before we start coding we need to prepare everything so we can create and publish our web site to Microsoft Azure. Wondering what is Microsoft Azure? You already know how to visit web sites using a browser. In general, a web site is made up of a set of pages/documents which contain instructions that...
  • Blog Post: Web Development starts here! - 8 tutorials for Elementary and High schools students

    Lego robots, Scratch, Microsoft Kodu – all these tools help kids to take their first steps in software development. Now we can add Microsoft Azure to the list and it’s available to all kids for free . Using Azure your children can create web sites quickly and share their web sites with friends...
  • Blog Post: Tutorial #6. Other templates and next steps

    In the previous tutorials we learned how to use Azure to create at web site without any coding. Now, you have a website you can show to your friends. In the next tutorial you will learn how to create a new web site from scratch! But, for now let’s look at a few other tools you can try in Azure...
  • Blog Post: Tutorial #5. How to back up your data

    Thanks to Microsoft Azure your blog will be available all the time and in theory you should not lose any data but.. what if you accidentally delete one of your posts, or somebody hacks your password and deletes all the information in your blog. It’s a good idea to have a copy of your data so that...
  • Blog Post: Tutorial #4. How to publish new pages and posts

    Okay, you’ve created your website, set up the look and feel now it’s time to add some great content! You put content on your web page by adding posts. You can publish posts on just about anything that interest you. It’s more fun if it’s something you love. For example, you...
  • Blog Post: Tutorial #3. How to configure the site and add some components from Web

    In this tutorial you will learn how to setup your BlogEngine.NET blog Go to the website you created in the previous tutorial. Log in using admin as a login and the password you set up in the previous tutorial. Once you have logged into your site in administrative mode you can start editing lots...
  • Blog Post: Why does a business student care about Azure?

    Cloud isn’t just for geeks! Business students and entrepreneurs need to understand it’s potential impact as well. Find out how student entrepreneurs at Western University imagined Azure could help increase sales at a retail store. Founders Network , the largest business technology club at Western University...
  • Blog Post: How to Activate Your Free Azure DreamSpark Subscription

    This blog post will show you how to activate your free Azure DreamSpark account. Azure DreamSpark is a way for students to gain access to several services on Microsoft Azure at no cost. It is specially tailored for students so that they do not need a credit card to use any of the services. Azure DreamSpark...
  • Blog Post: How does a student get a DreamSpark account for free software and Azure?

    DreamSpark gives students access to free software, free Azure cloud services, and free store accounts for publishing apps, but how do you get it? This post provides step by step instructions on how to request a DreamSpark account. DreamSpark ( ) is a program that provides...
  • Blog Post: Do You Know the Next Satya or Sheryl? Tell Them to Become a Microsoft Student Partner

    Canada is recruiting Microsoft Student Partners for the 2015/2016 school year. If you know a student in university or college in Canada with a passion for technology, please encourage them to apply at . Read on to learn more about the program and where it can take a student with...
  • Blog Post: What does Back to School mean for coders?

    If you are a student, or you know a student, do let them know about the programs we have in Canada just for students! Did you know DreamSpark gives students access to Microsoft developer software for free? That includes Visual Studio. Since not all schools teach .NET languages, it’s important to know...
  • Blog Post: Get In on the Action: Start Your App

    Let’s recap where we are in our journey to “get in on the action.” We started off getting equipped with a Windows Store Developer Account either through MSDN, BizSpark, or DreamSpark or signing up for an account directly . Then we took a look at how to build Windows Store applications by going through...
  • Blog Post: Get In on the Action: Start with Your Windows Store Developer Account

    As you read in Paul’s post from last week, The Windows Store is open for business. Is your app ready? , the Windows Store is ready for your apps. The first step to getting apps in the Windows Store is to get your Windows Store Developer Account up and running. Quick Info on Windows Store Developer Accounts...
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