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  • Blog Post: What does Back to School mean for coders?

    If you are a student, or you know a student, do let them know about the programs we have in Canada just for students! Did you know DreamSpark gives students access to Microsoft developer software for free? That includes Visual Studio. Since not all schools teach .NET languages, it’s important to know...
  • Blog Post: Get In on the Action: Start Your App

    Let’s recap where we are in our journey to “get in on the action.” We started off getting equipped with a Windows Store Developer Account either through MSDN, BizSpark, or DreamSpark or signing up for an account directly . Then we took a look at how to build Windows Store applications by going through...
  • Blog Post: Get In on the Action: Start with Your Windows Store Developer Account

    As you read in Paul’s post from last week, The Windows Store is open for business. Is your app ready? , the Windows Store is ready for your apps. The first step to getting apps in the Windows Store is to get your Windows Store Developer Account up and running. Quick Info on Windows Store Developer Accounts...
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