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  • Blog Post: Wavefront & Microsoft Present: What’s new with Windows Phone - WaveGuide Code Camp

    Calling all developers and designers! Wavefront and Microsoft are back with hands-on coding workshops to update you on what’s new with Windows phone, support your app building, and get you prepared to submit to the Windows Phone Store. We have listened to the feedback that we received at previous...
  • Blog Post: Pure Imagination, Now With More Awesome!

      I just posted this over on WootStudio and I thought I should surface the information here as well. If you haven’t yet read the post go on I’ll wait… Ok good so have you registered ? Are you excited? You should be!     Not just for startups Windows 8: Pure Imagination is for everyone...
  • Blog Post: The BUILD Conference: Watch LIVE now!

    If you want to build apps for Windows 8/RT, Windows Phone and Windows Azure, the BUILD conference is your destination for all the info you need.  If you weren’t able to be there in person (like me), you can still get in on the action by  watching the conference online, either LIVE or on demand...
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 Hackathons start this week!

    If you or your company has been looking at cost-effective (as in FREE) training on building Metro-Style apps for Windows 8, you may want to register for the Windows 8 Hackathons that start this week across the country.  Spaces are limited, so you should register by going to one of the links below...
  • Blog Post: Untether Talks in Toronto: A conversation on the future of mobile

    This week (June 26 and 27) in Toronto, the Untether Talks conference will take place.  If you’re interested in mobile and what some of the best experts in the mobile space think will happen over the next few years as mobile computing grabs greater traction, you’ll want to join the talks by registering...
  • Blog Post: What’s going on across Canada? Lots! Check it out!

    There are so many great events coming up in Canada, I wanted to list some of them here, so you don’t miss out! TechDays isn’t your only opportunity to get out and learn about the latest technologies from experts. We hold a number of smaller events throughout the year, and we also sponsor...
  • Blog Post: Many Geeks, Many Experts, and a Gu

    Where will you not only see many geeks come together to watch experts talk about the latest and greatest technologies, but also experience that which is “the Gu”? Vancouver TechFest 2012 ! Join me, Jonathan Rozenblit , Thomas Lewis , Paul Laberge , and 18 other Canadian experts for a day full of awesome...
  • Blog Post: Get brained up on Windows Phone and build your app

    In March, we are visiting four cities across Canada to give a full day workshop to help you get started building Windows Phone apps. In this workshop, you can expect to learn how to build apps for Windows Phone and have expert support for you to build your very own Windows Phone app or game. It’s...
  • Blog Post: A Vision Needs a Roadmap

    You know the projects you’re currently working on and the technologies you use to get them done. But what about future projects? What would they be using? The people that can answer that are the developers and architects that not only keep themselves up to date with technologies of today, but that also...
  • Blog Post: 2 in 1! A Metro primer and a webcast.

    If you waited on reading my 5-part Metro and Mobile app design series until the final post, there’s great news in that you can now read each of them online.  Also, if you want an overview of the developer perspective of Windows Phone, from a development standpoint as well as a Marketplace and marketing...
  • Blog Post: Are you fighting or helping your QA team?

    QA is an essential part of the development lifecycle. The QA team tests your code and then the bugs they report return to you to get fixed. Sometimes that relationship can be a challenge as we argue over what is really a bug, try to reproduce the defects identified during QA, and determine the severity...
  • Blog Post: TechDays 2011: Developer Tools, Languages, Frameworks & awesomeness

    I can’t believe that TechDays is already there. In 3 weeks, we will be in Toronto (October 25-26) to start the tour. After Toronto, we will go in Vancouver (November 15-16) and Montreal (November 29-30) to give you a full two days of awesoness around the technology you love. This week, you’ll...
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