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  • Blog Post: Exam Taking Tips for Certification

    For many people taking an exam can be really stressful. In this blog post I’d like to see if I can take some of the fear away from taking that exam. This is the final post in my series on How to get certified. Before you take the exam you should complete the first 3 steps. Let’s be clear, I said before...
  • Blog Post: How to Study for a Certification Exam

    The most common question I get when talking about certification is what should I study ? Well, before you crack open a book, take the time to make sure you are taking the right exam , and figure out what you don’t know so your study time will be spent as effectively as possible. If you want get certified...
  • Blog Post: How to Prepare for a Certification Exam

    About once every couple of weeks on Reddit , I see a post like this one asking for advice on preparing for an exam. Whether you are preparing for a .NET exam or an Exchange exam, an ITIL or a Cisco exam, there is a simple plan you can follow to get certified and prepare for exams . Choose your certification...
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