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  • Blog Post: Announcing Expression Studio 4!

    I remember the days when Microsoft had announced they were introducing a set of design tools to help customers and partners build .NET-based solutions that were both visually appealing and focused on user experience.  In those early days, we introduced the tools with enigmatic yet interesting codenames...
  • Blog Post: It’s a big day for RIA!

    Today is a landmark launch day for anyone building Rich Internet Applications (also known as RIAs), particularly those that build compelling web-enabled experiences on the Microsoft platform. We launched 2 new product versions today and it’s something all of us at Microsoft are very excited about: ...
  • Blog Post: Guest Post: MIX09 Day 1: The “Software” in “Software + Services”

    From now through the end of the MIX09 conference in Las Vegas, Rob Burke will be providing his insights from the conference on a daily basis. Robert Burke is a Toronto-based IT Consultant who’s attending his fourth MIX event this year.  By day he’s knee-deep in Microsoft User Experience technologies...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight 3 and Expression Blend 3 Betas Now Available!

    Silverlight 3 Beta Today at the MIX ‘09 conference , we rolled out the beta for Silverlight 3 , the next iteration of our rich internet application platform. Version 3 adds a lot of new features including: Out of Browser Capabilities. Silverlight 3 applications aren’t just confined to the browser. Users...
  • Blog Post: Investing in Your Skills – A Handy List of Training Courses

    In the past few weeks alone I have had a number of requests and questions regarding courses and training material available for partners and customers. Is this a sign of the economic turbulence we’re in? Perhaps. In talking with many of you we understand the extra scrutiny organizations are placing on...
  • Blog Post: Picking the right platform to fit your solution

    I love Football Sunday. On a Sunday when I have nothing else more important to do there’s nothing more enjoyable to me than sitting down and watching a great game of football. Some of you may be looking at this post already thinking I’m crazy; football is not exactly related to development and I’ve heard...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight Training in French

    One of our great partners out of Quebec, RunAtServer Consulting , has just created a great, three-day course on Silverlight 2 and they will be conducting it in various cities in Quebec. The details of the course can be found here and here , but it is a very in-depth course for those of you interested...
  • Blog Post: The Expression Professional Subscription is now live

    In a previous post , I mentioned that Microsoft was bringing out the new Expression Professional Subscription to help designers build great experiences in WPF and Silverlight. The Subscription is now live and can be purchased. The site can be found here . Again, the benefits of the subscription...
  • Blog Post: Toronto Silverlight User Group

    In less than two weeks, the Toronto Silverlight User Group will have it's inaugural meeting. The user group is targeted at both developers and designers who are interested in learning about Silverlight and how the two parties can work together more seamlessly to create rich user experience on the web...
  • Blog Post: Building Compelling Websites on the Microsoft Platform

    Over the past week, I've been conducting a half-day briefings on how to build great websites on the Microsoft platform. The first stop on the tour was Vancouver (Wednesday, May 14), the second was Mississauga (Tuesday, May 20) and the third was in Montreal (Thursday, May 22). For those of you that...
  • Blog Post: Surprise! Expression Studio 2 Is Live!

    You would be forgiven if you didn't realize Expression Studio 2 is now available.  It went up quietly this week on the newly red-designed Expression website .  While there will be a bigger splash later in the year to announce the launch of this product, the reason why you haven't heard much...
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