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  • Blog Post: Mobile Device Review: Bell Samsung Ace

    As you have probably seen on this blog and the other community blogs from our group, we are occasionally given hardware from various vendors to review. In this case, Bell Canada has provided me with a Samsung Ace, a Windows Mobile 6 device to try out. Before I get into my review, I want to preface...
  • Blog Post: Vista Sidebar Gadgets

    Last month I did a webcast on Vista Sidebar Gadgets and how you can use them to extend the reach of your software solutions, either by augmenting a desktop or web-based solution or to act as an innovative way to advertise your product or solution in a viral or word-of-mouth manner. I'll admit that...
  • Blog Post: Gadget vs Gadget Competition Extended

    I have exciting news: the Gadget Vs. Gadget Competition has been EXTENDED to August 15, 2007 to allow more submissions. We’ve received a great response however, in order for submissions to be valid all gadgets must be posted on the Windows Live Gallery as indicated in the contest rules (the gadget submission...
  • Blog Post: The Gadget VS Gadget Competition Is Now On!

    On April 18th, I hinted about a "special offer". On May 1st, John Bristowe posted resources and guidance on how to build a gadget. Now the cat's out of the bag - the Gadget VS Gadget competition has now launched and gives you both the opportunity to build Windows Vista gadgets and win great prizes such...
  • Blog Post: [Windows Live; Windows Vista] Resources & Design Practices for Gadget Developers

    Last week, Jean-Luc hinted at an "offer" in his blog post on Windows Live and Vista gadgets . A deeper explanation on what Jean-Luc was referring to is coming soon! (Stay tuned to this blog for more information.) As part of his post, he also provided some links for you to reference when building these...
  • Blog Post: Windows Live and Vista Gadgets

    Are you interested in developing gadgets for Windows Live and Windows Vista ? If so - we have an offer coming up that will definitely interest you in a big way! Gadgets are mini-applications which allow users quick access to information from applications, the Internet, and utilities. Windows Vista gadgets...
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