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  • Blog Post: What skills are major game development companies looking for?

    Are you interested in or thinking about entering the job market as a game developer? I recently attended the Academic Days on Game Development in Computer Science Education Conference which provided some interesting facts. At the conference, Electronic Arts , Blizzard , Bungie and Garage Games revealed...
  • Blog Post: Game Camp is now Open to Canada!

    We ran the first Game Camp in November 2006 - it was great to see the number of people show up and the excitement you demonstrated towards XNA and the XNA Game Studio Express . In fact, the event was such a hit that our developer and student communities were soon asking us how to run their own Game Camps...
  • Blog Post: Game Camp Ottawa - Mike the 3D Graphic Artist

    Here is a video of Mike, a 3D modeling artist attending the Ottawa Game Camp. In this video, Mike gives his views on some of the 3D frameworks and technologies out there and how XNA measures up. Video: Game Camp Ottawa 2007 - Mike The 3D Artist If you have designed an XNA game, or you are in the...
  • Blog Post: Game Camp Ottawa 2007 - Daniel Deschamps

    Last Saturday, Carleton University hosted a Game Camp for students and faculty. The theme of the Game Camp was XNA and Game Studio Express. Christian Beauclair gave an in-depth presentation on how to create a pong game from scratch. We also took a look at the Creator's Club, games being developed by...
  • Blog Post: [Announcements] Dream. Build. Play. XNA Competition

    If you are interested in XNA or game development, you won't want to miss this! It's a global gaming competition - check out the website at: . As with XNA Game Studio Express, we're going to break from convention and look to do a few different things with Dream.Build.Play...
  • Blog Post: Game Camp Waterloo - Neville Samuell

    Here is a video direct from the Game Camp at the University of Waterloo that took place on January 19th, 2007. Neville Samuell demonstrates his XNA game "Super Paddle Ball 2" - he wrote the game in 6 hours (after attending the original Game Camp in Toronto). Video: Game Camp Waterloo 2007 - Neville Samuell
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