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  • Blog Post: Getting the most out of your next hackathon

    One of the hardest things about any project is getting it started. At an event like a jam or hackathon this becomes incredibly crucial. Recently I had an opportunity to attend a Windows 10 game jam where I noticed that even though these events are more common its still easy to find yourself wondering...
  • Blog Post: #GameDev w/ @ScruffyFurn: Code Management for the Game Developer

    Do you struggle with managing all the complex components of your project? Do you find yourself asking simple questions like “Where should I put this patched code?” and “What’s my next task?” Well, there is a way to improve your project management skills. On this episode...
  • Blog Post: #GameDev w/ @ScruffyFurn: IoT For the Game Developer

    IoT and Game Dev? While it might not come to mind immediately when thinking about game development, the internet of things could be the next emerging space for game devs. On this episode, ScruffyFurn (Mickey MacDonald) rants about the idea that game developers only code games and talk about the possibilities...
  • Blog Post: MonoGame for the XNA Developer (#Gamedev w/ @ScruffyFurn)

    When XNA was put into “stasis” a huge hole was created in the game development tool space. In this latest episode of #Gamedev w/ @ScruffyFurn I rant about the heartache I suffered with the retirement of XNA and take a look at my newly budding relationship with MonoGame,, the open source implementation...
  • Blog Post: COMING UP ON MVA: How to Create a Cross-Platform HTML5 RPG

    Every wonder how to create a classic role-playing game? In my upcoming MVA (Microsoft Virtual Academy) course I will show you how! M y co-host Bryan Griffiths and I will walk you through the steps of creating a cross-platform classic style RPG game using Visual Studio and free open source technology...
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio Tools for the Unity Developer (#GameDev w/ @ScruffyFurn)

      Tips and tricks to help game developers find success in the Gaming industry. In this series pilot , ScruffyFurn (Mickey MacDonald) rants about IDEs (integrated development environments) and shows the awesomeness that is Visual Studio Tools for Unity , including using Visual Studio to debug Unity...
  • Blog Post: Get Your Game On (with Unity, Windows 8, and Windows Phone)

    Unity is a free game engine – software you can use to make your own games (and interactive apps). Unity has been chosen by over 2 million developers because it provides all the core functionality needed, right out of the box, to develop great games (and interactive apps). The following are sessions recorded...
  • Blog Post: Great Apps Are Inspired by Pure Imagination

    As developers, we tend to be creative people. We use our imagination to think up solutions to solve day to day business problems and then we build apps to bring those solutions to life. Set those business problems aside for a moment. Close your eyes. Tap into your imagination. Go deeper. Even deeper...
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