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  • Blog Post: How I Decide which Web Front-End Framework to Use

    It almost seems like every other week there is a new MVC web front-end framework. The front-end dev community is incredibly vibrant and projects are moving rapidly; introducing new features all the time, changing development paradigms and experimenting with new ES6 language features. You probably have...
  • Blog Post: Everything You Need to Have a Rocking Node IDE on Windows for Free

    If you are a developer with a background in using big integrated development environments like Visual Studio, Eclipse, JetBrains, etc. than it may be fairly daunting to go back to the terminal (console, command-line, PowerShell, black box where you type in computer instructions) to work with this newfangled...
  • Blog Post: Remember the Atari 2600? Brace yourself because it’s marrying HTML5!

    Atari and Microsoft, in conjunction with renowned web developer Grant Skinner are driving great standards-based web experiences through the classic games that were staples on the Atari 2600 console.  This partnership is also producing resource for you as a web developer (or aspiring web developer...
  • Blog Post: The Curious Process of Web Standards

    Its interesting to note that many folks don’t really know what it takes to get a feature in a browser and how all the browsers align with how a feature will work. You would think there is a cabal of browser vendors sitting in a smoke-filled room coming up with how features will work. That is not the...
  • Blog Post: The Hunger Games, HTML5 & Behind The Scenes

    One of the infinitely sad and melancholy things in my life is that I just don’t get to read as much fiction as I used to. It isn’t that I don’t want to, but life just seems to get in the way sometimes. When I fondly think of retirement, I see myself wearing a smoking jacket and ascot in the library next...
  • Blog Post: MIX11: Bringing the Developer Awesomeness

    Spring is here and what a better way to kick off this season of renewal by getting up-to-speed on some of the latest tools and technologies! Last month in Las Vegas, we hosted the MIX11 conference; a 72-hour conversation, featuring developers, designers, UX experts and business professionals creating...
  • Blog Post: Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator

    “CSS3 gradients are hard. Let's go shopping!” Today, I blogged about my experiences with CSS3 gradients in IE10 PP1 . In short, they’re not the easiest things to get right, especially in a cross-browser supported manner; translating the differences that exist between them can be a challenge. Well, never...
  • Blog Post: CSS3 Gradients in IE10 PP1

    Recently, I’ve been playing around with IE10 PP1, which you can grab from the IE Test Drive site. So far, I really like what I see, especially the support for CSS3 gradients. In fact, if you care to see a sampling of this work, check out the CSS Gradient Background Maker : So, how does this all work...
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