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  • Blog Post: Let the pixel’s fly! Imagine Cup 2015 games competition is here

    It’s that time again! Imagine Cup 2015 has been announced . If you’re a student game developer in Canada then this is the competition for you. Every year, the independent games scene becomes stronger and more vibrant. Amazing games are being made by small teams, and some of them turn into massive hits...
  • Blog Post: Our industry does not respect tradition, it only respects innovation: Imagine Cup Canada Announced!

    Imagine Cup 2015 has been announced . If you are a Canadian Student and not participating in the ultimate global student technology competition, you are missing out! In this blog post, I will discuss specific details about the Innovation Category. “Our industry does not respect tradition...
  • Blog Post: How to make a brilliant CV thanks to Imagine Cup

    Two days ago we announced deadlines and submission requirements for Canadian Imagine Cup finals . And several students already asked me, if they really needed participate in Imagine Cup. Because it requires some time, energy and creativity but all the students have many exams, labs, hobbies etc. Frankly...
  • Blog Post: Imagine Cup–Who will represent Canada at World Finals in Seattle this year?

    The deadlines and submission requirements for Canadian Imagine Cup Finals have been announced. Which Canadian students will represent us at the World Finals in Seattle this July? The Imagine Cup World Finals are an experience like no other! 30+ teams of students from around the world who have built amazing...
  • Blog Post: Delivering a great pitch to get what you want!

    Whether you have an idea to pitch for the Imagine Cup pitch challenge, an idea to pitch to an investor, or an idea to pitch to your boss, the right structure can help you get and hold your audience’s attention! Here are 3 different pitch structures I find effective. The Imagine Cup pitch video challenge...
  • Blog Post: Imagine Cup is back! Let’s show the world what Canada can do!

    The 2015 Imagine Cup is here! Students in Canada and around the world can test their coding chops in the Code Hunt, pitch a great idea, design the ultimate user experience, or go big and develop their great software ideas to win money or even a trip to the world wide finals at Microsoft headquarters...
  • Blog Post: What does Back to School mean for coders?

    If you are a student, or you know a student, do let them know about the programs we have in Canada just for students! Did you know DreamSpark gives students access to Microsoft developer software for free? That includes Visual Studio. Since not all schools teach .NET languages, it’s important to know...
  • Blog Post: Can a selfie detect anaemia?

    At this year’s Microsoft Imagine Cup , team Eyenaemia used a Windows Phone and Azure to detect Anaemia with a selfie Sometimes students remind us of the true capabilities of the technology around us. This is especially true at the Microsoft Imagine Cup, where students are challenged to use technology...
  • Blog Post: Acer Aspire R7 power helps team Canada create music in real time at World Imagine Cup Finals.

    Team ClaVision built some amazing software that uses image processing to take a video of someone playing music to generate sheet music and a midi file in real time. They needed both processing power and versatility to ensure their software would perform as needed during the World Imagine Cup Finals....
  • Blog Post: Mentor a team of Canadian students to Imagine Cup World Finals

    Microsoft Canada recently announced the 2014 Canadian Imagine Cup finals. The best teams typically have a mentor to guide them. Could you be that mentor? There are many talented students across Canada with great ideas and a passion to bring those ideas to life. But sometimes they need a little help...
  • Blog Post: Imagine a world where technology helps solve the toughest problems

    The Imagine Cup is a world wide Microsoft competition where we ask students to address problems faced around the world and use technology to help. Monday April 30th in Waterloo the top Canadian entries will be competing on stage at the Canadian Imagine Cup Finals! Come out and be inspired! It starts...
  • Blog Post: Canadian students get a chance to strut their stuff at Imagine Cup

    Microsoft Canada is hosting Canadian finals this year for the Imagine Cup, a worldwide technology competition for students. Do you know someone who might be interested? Have you heard about Imagine Cup? This is the worldwide competition organized by Microsoft where students from around the world use...
  • Blog Post: Imagine Cup 2011 Worldwide People’s Choice Award – Go Vote!

    The Microsoft Imagine Cup brings together student developers from all over the world and asks them to use their creativity and passion for technology to help solve the world’s toughest problems. This year, more than 350,000 students from 183 countries and regions registered to compete and, from July...
  • Blog Post: Be a Windows Phone 7/Imagine Cup Rock Star!

    To be a Windows Phone 7 rock star, you could use your favourite rock and roll instrument to promote it like I did… …or, if you’re a student, you can build a Windows Phone 7 application and submit it as an entry for Imagine Cup 2010. They’ve just announced a new award – the Rockstar award – for winning...
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