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  • Blog Post: Five Use Cases for Visual Studio 2013 Community

    Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition is a fully featured version of Visual Studio free for small teams and open source development. Compared to the previously available free edition of Visual Studio (Express), the Community edition combines tools for Web, desktop, cloud and mobile development in one...
  • Blog Post: Limbo

    I’ve been spending summer playing a couple of Xbox 360 games situated in dark nightmare worlds. One is Microsoft Studios’ and Remedy’s Alan Wake , which could be described as an homage to Stephen King (so much so that they name-drop him in the opening credits); the other is Limbo , an Xbox Live Arcade...
  • Blog Post: Hand Eye Society Indie Game Social: Toronto, May 27th

    The Hand Eye Society describes itself as a “not-for-profit coalition of people and projects in support of Toronto’s videogame communities”. Their goals are: To help people make games To connect game makers with each other and with an audience, offline To foster diversity in game creation and public perception...
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