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  • Blog Post: Evolving ASP.NET Apps – Updating jQuery

    This post is a continuation of the Evolving ASP.NET series: Evolving ASP.NET Apps - Introduction Evolving ASP.NET Apps – Evaluating the Code Evolving ASP.NET Apps – Moving to a Web Application Evolving ASP.NET Apps – Dealing with Dependencies Evolving ASP.NET Apps – Updating Search jQuery was a revolution...
  • Blog Post: Building Beautiful, Interactive, and Fast Web Sites

    In order to build beautiful, interactive, and fast web sites, there’s a recipe you can follow which includes, but certainly isn’t limited to, the use of technologies such as ASP.NET, HTML5, jQuery, WebAPI, SignalR, and Windows Azure . Join web gurus Brady Gaster , Jon Galloway , and Xinyang Qiu from...
  • Blog Post: The jQuery Online Conference: Monday, July 12th - Everywhere!

    Are you a web developer and want to sharpen your jQuery skills? Would you like to attend a conference featuring some of the brightest lights in jQuery programming? Are you too short on time and travel expenses to hit such a conference? For a mere US$150 and no travel at all, you can attend the jQuery...
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