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  • Blog Post: TechDays 2011: Developer Tools, Languages, Frameworks & awesomeness

    I can’t believe that TechDays is already there. In 3 weeks, we will be in Toronto (October 25-26) to start the tour. After Toronto, we will go in Vancouver (November 15-16) and Montreal (November 29-30) to give you a full two days of awesoness around the technology you love. This week, you’ll...
  • Blog Post: Perspectives on Clojure and F#

    Don't have Silverlight? You can download it here or download the video in MP4 , MP3 , WMA , WMV , WMV (High) and Zune formats. Here’s a Channel 9 video shot at Emerging Languages Camp 2010 , the first conference on up-and-coming programming languages held in Portland on July 21 – 22. It’s a casual conversation...
  • Blog Post: Uncle Bob: All Our Programming Languages Boil Down to Sequence, Selection and Iteration

    “It's not true that life is one damn thing after another,” wrote the American poet Edna St. Vincent Millay, “it is one damn thing over and over.” Her statement is simply a newer version of the French expression “ Plus ça change, c’est la meme chose ” , which is approximated in the English “The more things...
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