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  • Blog Post: Welcome to Windows 8!

    Today in New York City, Microsoft launched Windows 8 , the next step in computing experiences and truly, Windows Re-Imagined .  It is truly an important day for Microsoft as you might imagine, but it’s actually a really important day for you as well.  Why?  Because you, as a developer...
  • Blog Post: Canadian Heroes Community Launch

    Over the next several months Technical communities around the world are hosting Community Launch events focusing on technical dives of Microsoft Windows Server 2008™, Visual Studio 2008™, and SQL Server 2008™. Community leaders have been trained directly from Microsoft and empowered to host technical...
  • Blog Post: Launch 2008 - Community Connection Events

    There is a lot of great conversation that has come out of our Community Connection Events. If you haven't attended one, I would highly recommend it! It's an opportunity for the community to discuss and collect learnings from the major challenges that are affecting the IT field. Here is the developer...
  • Blog Post: Community Connection Resources

    As part of the Microsoft Windows Server 2008/ SQL Server 2008/Visual Studio 2008 Launch events , we are visiting 14 cities across Canada conducting workshops featuring “learning circles” on the following key industry relevant topics: Impact of Virtualization on the IT Industry Application Lifecycle...
  • Blog Post: Heroes Happen Here (Launch 2008)

    We've been teasing you with posts about the upcoming launch of Visual Studio 2008, Windows Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 in Canada. The wait is finally over. The dates are announced and registration is opened. Head over the launch portal to secure your seat and we look forward to seeing you. UPDATE...
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio 2008 Launch

    The news just came out on the wire that our official launch date in Los Angeles for Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 (formerly codenamed "Orcas"). The Canadian plans have not been ironed out yet, but the moment they are, we'll be posting them here. Our team is really excited...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Digital Ice House Video

    My IT Pro counterpart Rod Buike recently posted a video of the Microsoft Digital Ice House . In case you weren't able to visit it, or you want to experience it again, I've added it here: Video: Microsoft Canada’s Digital Ice House Enjoy!
  • Blog Post: [Events] Microsoft Digital Ice House

    To celebrate the consumer launch of Windows Vista on January 30 2007, Microsoft Canada built a Digital Ice House at the corner of Dundas and Yonge Street in Toronto, in the middle of Dundas Square. Here are some photos with highlights from the event which will run until February 3rd:
  • Blog Post: 2007 Launch Tour Statistics

    My colleague Rodney Buike (IT Pro Advisor) just posted some interesting stats for our 2007 Launch Tour including: 21 Events 68 Partners 250 Demos 136 Booths On top of that, we've had over 12229 attendees come out to our events. Thanks to everyone who was able to participate! If you want to read more...
  • Blog Post: Windows Vista RTM

    The news you have heard is correct - Vista has RTM-ed (Release(d) To Manufacturing - essentially meaning it has shipped)! I was sitting in a classroom at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond when the news came in. The entire group I was with just spontaneously applauded - it was a great (and historic) moment...
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