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  • Blog Post: The Developer Movement has started.

    Microsoft Canada has launched the follow-up campaign to the Mango App Challenge , the Developer Movement .  Like the Mango App Challenge, the Developer Movement is a contest for you as a developer to build great apps and get great rewards as a result, but it’s more than that.  It’s more than...
  • Blog Post: Enabling Fast App Resume in Legacy Windows Phone 7 apps by upgrading to 7.5

    One of the more complicated concepts in phone development, regardless of the platform you are targeting, is multi-tasking.  The nature of a mobile device is to be resource-limited.  It’s not a PC where you have a significant amount of CPU, memory, storage and other assets to tap into in your...
  • Blog Post: Get to know the author of the TechDays Windows Phone Application: Louis-Philippe Pinsonneault

    As you may know, the Microsoft TechDays Conference took place in Montreal last week and we have landed an interview with Louis-Philippe Pinsonneault, a local Montreal developer.  He is a really nice guy and a great developer.  I was very happy to finally meet him in person after chatting with...
  • Blog Post: 31 Days of Mango: #31AwesomeWPDevTutorials

    If you’re looking to start learning Windows Phone 7.5 development, this could be the perfect place for you to start!  Jeff Blankenburg from Microsoft has compiled (or rather, at the time of publication of this post is compiling ) a series of 31 tutorials on how to implement Windows Phone 7.5 Apps...
  • Blog Post: Dude, Where’s My Mango Update?

    By now, many of you have probably s een the news that carriers around the world will start pushing updates very soon and through the next couple of months.  It’s exciting because many that have seen and used the Mango update for Windows Phone in its beta format have seen it to be a very usable,...
  • Blog Post: Why Can’t We Be Friends? Art and Function in Windows Phone Apps.

    Even ten years ago, “experience” was not really something that was given much thought in building software. More often than not the primary goal of a piece of software was simply to display results, or data. How the data or results were displayed was more often a function of technical specifications...
  • Blog Post: Like HTML5? Like Phone Apps? Then you’ll LOVE Mango because…

    A few weeks ago, I wrote a post referencing how you as a developer don’t have to be torn between building mobile experiences in HTML5 or native phone apps.  In fact, with the upcoming Mango release for Windows Phone, the “better together” story is a strong one that allows you to take advantage of...
  • Blog Post: Mobile Devs: Why Windows Phone Matters to You

    Everyone knows how competitive the mobile space is.  There are a wide range of platforms available for you as a developer to adopt and build your mobile app masterpiece, each with their pros and cons.  So Microsoft introduces a new mobile platform (Windows Phone 7 and now the upcoming Mango...
  • Blog Post: Premiere Training on Mango – And it’s free!

    If you find you aren’t busy on Tuesday, August 23 and Wednesday, August 24, you may be interested in attending free an online training event that will bring you to speed on how to build Mango apps. If you’re new to building apps on the Windows Phone 7 platform or a veteran looking to understand the new...
  • Blog Post: On Phone Apps and Web Apps

    Being a mobile developer over the past 4 years has been an interesting experience.  With the advent of modern smartphones with differentiate experiences, we found out that not only is there a viable market for great apps, but that market is booming and very competitive.  We have seen mobile...
  • Blog Post: IE 9 on Windows Phone, Now That’s What I’m Talking About!!!

    This post was originally created by Atley Hunter here and is re-posted with his permission. More on Atley:  Atley Hunter has been a developer for more than 15 years and a mobile developer since way before it was cool.  With over 30 apps under his belt and numerous talks, blog postings and HackFests...
  • Blog Post: Mango RTMs! Now what?

    Last week, we announced that Windows Phone 7 Codenamed “Mango” RTM’ed (RTM = Release to Manufacturing).  This is great news for a number of reasons because Mango represents a very enticing update to Windows Phone 7 that in essence puts it at least on par with our competitors from a phone capability...
  • Blog Post: Long Weekend Plans? One Word – Mango

    It’s finally here! The first long weekend of the summer! Looks like all of the stars aligned, giving us an amazing opportunity to spend three whole days ramping up on Windows Phone 7 Mango. Yesterday, Brandon Watson of the Windows Phone team announced the availability of the Windows Phone Developer Tools...
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