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  • Blog Post: Canadian Developer Connection: Now Available in the Windows Store

    During this month’s D³: LIVE & INTERACTiVE (aired LIVE yesterday and now available on-demand ), I had the pleasure of announcing that the Canadian Developer Connection Windows Store app is now available for download. I’m totally excited about the release of this app as we’ve...
  • Blog Post: Windows 8 Hackathons start this week!

    If you or your company has been looking at cost-effective (as in FREE) training on building Metro-Style apps for Windows 8, you may want to register for the Windows 8 Hackathons that start this week across the country.  Spaces are limited, so you should register by going to one of the links below...
  • Blog Post: Hack Your Art Out–Windows 8 Hackathons

    “Art” in this case referring to the masterpieces you’re going to be writing for Windows 8 – Metro-style apps! Sometimes an artist needs company in order to create their masterpieces. Now I’m not sure what those are called in the Painter’s world, but in the developer world, those are what we admirably...
  • Blog Post: Coming Up on TechDays TV

    It’s that time of the month again where I get to fill you in on what’s coming up on TechDays TV in May. Don’t forget – these sessions are LIVE and INTERACTIVE, bring the TechDays experience online. Ask questions and get them answered as if the expert was right there in the room with you! If you’re not...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone links for the week

    A good number of us from the team are in Redmond this week on our annual pilgrimage to the mothership (Microsoft Headquarters) for training, so content from me will be a little lighter than usual. As a result, I wanted to share with you a set of links and resources that are new to help you learn more...
  • Blog Post: 2 in 1! A Metro primer and a webcast.

    If you waited on reading my 5-part Metro and Mobile app design series until the final post, there’s great news in that you can now read each of them online.  Also, if you want an overview of the developer perspective of Windows Phone, from a development standpoint as well as a Marketplace and marketing...
  • Blog Post: Going Metro in your Windows Phone Apps

    I’ve been on the road for the better part of the month of November, meeting with developers and IT Pros across the country and it’s been a blast.  Because I’m the guy on the MS Canada evangelism team most focused on Windows Phone, more often than not those conversations trend towards mobile. ...
  • Blog Post: Why Can’t We Be Friends? Art and Function in Windows Phone Apps.

    Even ten years ago, “experience” was not really something that was given much thought in building software. More often than not the primary goal of a piece of software was simply to display results, or data. How the data or results were displayed was more often a function of technical specifications...
  • Blog Post: THIS is How You Do It: The USGA Golf Score App for Windows Phone 7

    One of the tricky things about helping developers build for a platform that has yet to be released is that it’s a tabula rasa . There’s no history, which is both blessing and curse: we developers get to make that history, but at the same time, we’re working in the dark. There are no examples to emulate...
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