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  • Blog Post: What’s Up: Developer–December Edition

    Here’s the news as seen on this month’s episode of D³: LIVE & INTERACTiVE : Developer Movement is back - join the Developer Movement to earn points and be rewarded for publishing Windows Store and Windows Phone apps, with bonus points for adding in Windows Azure services...
  • Blog Post: Building Beautiful, Interactive, and Fast Web Sites

    In order to build beautiful, interactive, and fast web sites, there’s a recipe you can follow which includes, but certainly isn’t limited to, the use of technologies such as ASP.NET, HTML5, jQuery, WebAPI, SignalR, and Windows Azure . Join web gurus Brady Gaster , Jon Galloway , and Xinyang Qiu from...
  • Blog Post: The case of the software that broke: VS2012 & Office 15

    It always seems to happen.  Software that worked just yesterday no longer works and you have a big deadline or deliverable due that hinges on that software.  That’s what happened to me on Thursday night and here is my harrowing tale of how Visual Studio 2012 (Release Candidate) stopped working...
  • Blog Post: PowerPoint is NOT the Enemy

    The “tl;dr” Version (or: “The Executive Summary”) High-ranking officers in the U.S. military say that PowerPoint makes them dumb. I say that their reliance on technology for technology’s sake makes them dumb. I make use of an episode of The Office to illustrate my point and the Milliennium Challenge...
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