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  • Blog Post: Getting Started with Microsoft OSS

    Welcome to our weekly MVP series where we discuss some of the most useful solutions, tips & tricks and how to’s on integrating OSS & Microsoft technologies. In case you have any questions, don’t hesitate and drop us a comment below or reach out to us via Twitter and Facebook! Enjoy! It's an exciting...
  • Blog Post: Five Use Cases for Visual Studio 2013 Community

    Visual Studio 2013 Community Edition is a fully featured version of Visual Studio free for small teams and open source development. Compared to the previously available free edition of Visual Studio (Express), the Community edition combines tools for Web, desktop, cloud and mobile development in one...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Research makes Touch Develop open source

    Touch Develop is a tool developed by Microsoft Research that allows developers to build mobile apps, games and websites in a browser. As of this week it is now open source on Git ! The TouchDevelop project was inspired by the programmability of 8-bit computers of the 80s that introduced many of us to...
  • Blog Post: Can I Deploy to Azure with an Open Source Language?

    Yes! You can deploy to Azure using the Azure API and SDK for your favorite open source language. In the spirit of openness, Azure has outstanding support for numerous open source languages and web stacks across a whole spectrum of cloud products. With the exception of .NET, each language has its own...
  • Blog Post: Programming with Python? Open Source? Microsoft? Did I miss something?

    In a word: yes. I recently recorded Introduction to Programming with Python with Susan Ibach. During the session, toasters became a bit of a running gag, so there was a picture of me on set holding a toaster. When I posted the picture to Facebook a friend of mine asked me the question that inspired the...
  • Blog Post: Day 2 of //build/ in a Nutshell

    Yesterday, I shared with you my recap of day 1 . To no surprise, day 2 was just as exciting with announcements and talks centered around Microsoft Azure (in case you missed it, it’s not Windows Azure anymore! It’s Microsoft Azure.) Notable announcements of day 2 44 new announcements for Microsoft Azure...
  • Blog Post: Technology Post Roundup–8th Edition

    In Canada, we’re fortunate to have many community experts and MVPs. Throughout the month, they write about and talk about some really cool things. Many of you have told us that you’d like it to be easier to discover them and what they’re writing about. The team and I will be curating top picks and sharing...
  • Blog Post: Awesome resources for Developers Tools, Languages and Framework track at TechDays

    I don’t know for you, but each time I go to a conference, I always want to put my hands into the new technology I just learn. I’m sure that it’s the case for you, so I wanted to give you a one-stop place where you’ll be able to get everything you need to do this with the sessions...
  • Blog Post: Drupal Camp Toronto 2010

    Drupal Camp Toronto 2010 is happening in Toronto today and tomorrow! It’s a gathering to discuss all things Drupal , featuring keynote speakers such as ones: Dries Buytaert , Jeff Eaton , and Mark Brown . It’s at a nice, central, easy-to-get-to location, the Toronto Reference Library (a few steps north...
  • Blog Post: My Photos from Make Web Not War 2010

    I’ll post a more detailed write-up of the Make Web Not War conference later, but I thought that those of you who were there (or wished they were there) would like to see some photos as soon as possible. I’ve posted my photos at full resolution to my Make Web Not War Flickr photoset , which you can view...
  • Blog Post: Interview on ASP.NET MVC and Open Source at Microsoft

    I’m looking a tad sleep-deprived in this interview – I was quite busy around the end of February and the start of March -- but I managed to stay conscious long enough at the Confoo conference to do an interview with CT Moore (back in early march) and talk about my presentation, which covered both ASP...
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