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  • Blog Post: .NET Framework 4 and VS/TFS 2010 Resources

    Consider this page the Konami code for finding .NET Framework 4, Visual Studio 2010 , and Team Foundation Server (TFS) 2010 resources. We'll keep it up to date. Before you begin, you might be wondering, "Which version has feature X ?" Well, look no further . Also, make sure to check out the Visual...
  • Blog Post: ASP.NET Dynamic Data Resources

    Articles and Blog Posts A Many-To-Many Field Template for Dynamic Data (David Ebbo) Dynamic Data Preview 4 Released (Scott Hunter) Reference and Sites ASP.NET Dynamic Data ASP.NET Dynamic Data Blogs and Bloggers Scott Hunter Reference URL:
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio Debugging Resources

    Articles and Blog Posts Error Reporting (MSDN) Naming threads in Win32 And .NET (Steve Steiner) Retail Code Debugging (Gregg Miskelly) Reference and Sites Debugging Tools for Windows Visual Studio Debugger Extensibility (MSDN) Visual Studio Debugger Blogs and Bloggers...
  • Blog Post: Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) Resources

    Coming soon.
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Academic Resources

    At Microsoft, we have numerous programs to help ensure the success of students and faculty across Canada. Students Resources - Careers, Technology and Connections Microsoft Student is your one-stop-shop for information from Microsoft for students. Highlights include downloads, news,...
  • Blog Post: Partner Innovation Briefing: Developing Rich Internet Applications

    On October 1st (in Vancouver), 7th (in Montreal) and 9th (in Toronto) of 2008, Jamie Wakeam and I are presenting a series of Innovation Briefings on Developing Rich Internet Applications. It’s fair to say that a large share of applications built today use the internet in some fashion. It’s also fair...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Tech·Days Canada 2008 Resources

    Windows Developer Track Building Differentiated UI Applications Using Composite WPF patterns & practices: Composite WPF and Silverlight Composite Application Guidance for WPF Glenn Block's Weblog Brian Noyes' Weblog Blackbelt Databinding in WPF Application = Code + Markup...
  • Blog Post: Energize IT 2008 Post-Event Resources

    Here are post-event resources for Energize IT 2008.
  • Blog Post: Community Connection Resources

    As part of the Microsoft Windows Server 2008/ SQL Server 2008/Visual Studio 2008 Launch events , we are visiting 14 cities across Canada conducting workshops featuring “learning circles” on the following key industry relevant topics: Impact of Virtualization on the IT Industry Application Lifecycle...
  • Blog Post: Ignite your coding - Security Virtual Conference (Jan 29th)

    Here's the list of resources provided by the different speakers to our event. I'll start with the top site mentioned by all speakers at the end of the conference: Dana Epp - Security Focus Rob Labbé - Michael Howard's Web Log Bruce Cowper - Microsoft Security Response Center Bruce Cowper Microsoft...
  • Blog Post: MVP Insider Archive

    August 23, 2007: MVP Insider - Q&A with Ken Cox (Visual Developer - ASP/ASP.NET) September 6, 2007: MVP Insider - Q&A with Blake McNeill (Windows - Security) October 5, 2007: MVP Insider - Q & A with Chris Maunder (Visual Developer - Visual C++)
  • Blog Post: "Ignite Your Coding" Webcast Series

    "Ignite Your Coding" Webcast Series As a developer today, you’re expected to create rich user interfaces, incorporate legacy systems, and maintain entire Windows-based applications. And you’re expected to do it fast. With expert advice and technical demonstrations, these six all-new webcasts will...
  • Blog Post: "Ignite Your Career" Webcast Series

    Ignite Your Career Webcast Series (Recordings Now Available) Earlier this year, MSDN Canada and the Canadian Information Processing Society (CIPS) decided to try some different; a Webcast series designed to help developers manage their career and handle the increasing pace of change in the industry...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft XNA Resources

    What is XNA ? XNA is a set of tools, a framework and a runtime environment for building games in C# for the Xbox 360 , Windows , and the Zune . Articles Let's Make a Game with XNA by Dan Waters Microsoft XNA: Ready for Prime Time? by Nick Landry Blogs David Weller George Clingerman...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Silverlight Resources

    Blogs Mike Harsh Examples Tools Web Sites Microsoft Silverlight ( Microsoft Silverlight Community MSDN Silverlight Dev Center
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