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  • Blog Post: Bob Muglia: PDC and Silverlight

    This article was written by Bob Muglia , President of the Server and Tools division at Microsoft. It was posted on the Silverlight Team’s blog , and I’m reposting it here verbatim. Last week, we held our PDC conference on the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Wash. We also streamed it online using Silverlight...
  • Blog Post: Canucks at PDC - Jeff Atwood on Stack Overflow

    I love Stack Overflow . If you haven't visited this site, you really owe it to yourself to fire up a browser window and check it out. So, what is Stack Overflow and why should you care? Well, Joey deVilla and I bumped into Jeff Atwood at Microsoft PDC and asked him exactly that question. Download...
  • Blog Post: Canucks at PDC - Michael Klucher on XNA

    My fellow Developer Advisors and I are huge fans of XNA . It's one of the coolest technologies out there. At Microsoft PDC , I dropped by the XNA booth and chatted with Michael Klucher (AKA, MechaDragon ) about this amazing technology: Download(s): WMV FWIW, my GamerTag is TropicOfCanada . Looking...
  • Blog Post: Canucks at PDC - Social Bookmarking at MSDN

    At Microsoft PDC , Joey deVilla and I ran into Chris Slemp , Program Manager for the Server and Tools Online group at Microsoft. His group owns a really cool feature that has been recently introduced to Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) ; social bookmarking. In this interview, Chris talks a little about...
  • Blog Post: Canucks at PDC - Silverlight 2 on Windows Mobile

    Jamie Wakeam interviews Giorgio Sardo about Silverlight 2 running on Windows Mobile devices. In this case, Giorgio shows a Silverlight application running on a Samsung Omnia . Check it out: Download(s): WMV If you'd like to find out more information about Silverlight running on Windows Mobile...
  • Blog Post: Canucks at PDC - .NET Micro Framework

    Ever wondered how you might be able to write applications that control devices without having to learn C++ and/or assembly? The .NET Micro Framework is a tiny subset of the .NET Framework that allows you to do exactly that... and, do it in C#. Joey deVilla chatted with one of the folks from the .NET...
  • Blog Post: Canucks at PDC - Windows Logo Program for Windows 7

    Have you ever wondered how the Windows Logo is "stamped" on shipping software from ISVs? As it turns out, there's a program for the Windows Logo. Jamie Wakeam asked a couple of the folks behind the Windows Logo Program a few questions that pertain to ISVs and the upcoming efforts towards making the experience...
  • Blog Post: Canucks at PDC - A Lap Around Windows Home Server

    Windows Home Server has quickly become one of my favourite operating systems. Why? Because it makes me feel safe with its automated back-ups (attributing to a very high WAF). Additionally, it serves as my back-end data storage and will stream my music library to anywhere within the range of my home's...
  • Blog Post: Canucks at PDC - You've Been Phil Haack(ed)

    Not only is Phil Haack a bright guy, he also has the coolest name of a developer we know. He's also the giant brain behind the ASP.NET MVC project. Joey deVilla spent a few minutes to chat with Phil about this cool technology for ASP.NET developers: Download(s): WMV Make sure to check out...
  • Blog Post: Canucks at PDC - Miguel de Icaza on Mono

    Miguel de Icaza talks with Joey deVilla about Mono . No, not the kissing disease; rather, the "open development initiative sponsored by Novell to develop an open source, UNIX version of the Microsoft .NET development platform" (from the Mono FAQ ). Check it out: Download(s): WMV Recently...
  • Blog Post: Canucks at PDC - John Lam and IronRuby

    IronRuby is one of the coolest projects at Microsoft . Ruby wonk, Canadian , and all-around-nice-guy, John Lam and Joey deVilla sat down at Microsoft PDC to discuss the latest developments surrounding it: Download(s): WMV If you'd like to learn more about IronRuby, make sure to check out...
  • Blog Post: Canucks at PDC - A Quick Chat With Don Box

    Our newest Developer Advisor, Joey deVilla got a chance to chat with the one & only Don Box : Download(s): WMV Joey is new to the .NET world. What better person to speak to than Don? For more information about "Oslo", make sure to check out the Oslo Developer Center on MSDN .
  • Blog Post: Canucks at PDC - Thoughts About The Keynote With Mark Relph (Day 2)

    On day 2 of Microsoft PDC , my brain blue-screened. There was way simply way too much "stuff" to absorb. Shortly after the keynote, I grabbed Mark Relph and asked him to share his opinions on the keynote we had just witnessed: Download(s): WMV You can also follow Mark's tweets at www.twitter...
  • Blog Post: Canucks at PDC - Pete LePage on Internet Explorer 8

    I'm convinced; developers are going to love all the new features we've put into Internet Explorer 8 . Earlier, I spoke to Pete LePage at Microsoft PDC and asked him a number of questions about the new capabilities of Internet Explorer 8 : Download(s): WMV Are you running Internet Explorer...
  • Blog Post: @Accordionguy meets @channel9guy

  • Blog Post: On The Eve Of Techdays 2008

    [Cross Posted From ]   Techdays is here!  The team (as I type this post) is hard at work back in Toronto preparing the final details for the kickoff event.  We really are trying to raise the bar on the kinds of events and programs we bring to Canada’s Technical...
  • Blog Post: Canucks at PDC - .NET Services with Justin Smith

    As you probably know by now, Windows Azure provides a foundation for services hosted "in the cloud". Building on top of this foundational layer are numerous services targeted towards a variety of audiences, including developers. As I've come to understand it, the developer-related "goop" (*) for things...
  • Blog Post: A "Tip of the Hat" to Don Box for His Contribution to My PDC Experience

    (Photo by DBegley .) A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... I was a young man in Australia, learning how to code ASP and COM. At that time, my soon-to-be-my-lifelong-hero, Don Box had written an utterly fantastic book entitled, " Essential COM ". (As an aside: Chapter 1 of this book blue...
  • Blog Post: Canucks at PDC - Chillin' with Jeff Sandquist

    I <3 Channel 9 . It's a behind-the-scenes view of the people who are building the great technology and tools you see at Microsoft. Channel 9 and (fellow Canadian) Jeff Sandquist are trying to help the community, one developer at a time. Jeff was kind enough to give us a few minutes of his time to...
  • Blog Post: Canucks at PDC - Sara Ford and CodePlex

    CodePlex is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It's a repository where you can host your projects. They provide a whole slew of great features that enable distributed team software development. Sara Ford is well known to the developer community through her blog and book entitled, "Microsoft Visual...
  • Blog Post: PDC 2008 – More coverage from Ryan’s blog

    Ryan has done a good job summing up some of the coverage from the last 2 days. Wow. What a day! I’ve attempted to pull together a summary of materials and videos from Day 1. I’m now in the keynote for Day 2 so will have more later on that later.    Read More   Technorati Tags: PDC2008...
  • Blog Post: From PDC2008 – Ryan overview’s Azure

    Ryan Storgaard, our Canadian Chief S+S Officer, outlines some of the news on Azure over on this blog.  Check it out here . Technorati Tags: PDC2008 , PDC08 , Azure , Canada , Microsoft
  • Blog Post: Canucks at PDC - Hanging Out with the "Dublin" Boys

    There's been a mountain of information here at Microsoft PDC . One of the more interesting tidbits of news has been around Windows Server "Dublin" . To find out more, I went to the source and spoke with the "Dublin" boys: Download(s): WMV
  • Blog Post: Canucks at PDC - Matt Winkler on Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)

    There's a lot of Canadian developers who love the Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) . It's a great framework for building applications. At Microsoft PDC , I was fortunate enough to catch Matt Winkler , a Senior Program Manager at Microsoft who's working on the upcoming "goodness" surrounding the Windows...
  • Blog Post: Canucks at PDC - We've Spotted a Surface!

    At Microsoft PDC , there's no shortage of fun things to see, do, and chat about. For example, as we exited the keynote room for Microsoft PDC , we immediately saw the Surface and had to score a look: Download(s): WMV Very cool stuff, me thinks.
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