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  • Blog Post: Azure Fridays - A Powershell script to Download RSS Videos

    Azure Fridays If you are like me then time is a very precious and limited commodity. Also we both love learning new things! Unfortunately these two statements often conflict ;) That’s why I’m such a big fan of Azure Friday which is a weekly 10(ish) minute video series on Azure. It gives...
  • Blog Post: Announcing the Ignite Your Coding Web Development Series!

    Every year, around this time, my colleagues and I organize a series of conversations called Ignite Your Coding . Its purpose is to spark your inner awesomeness by providing you with knowledge and insights on software development. Why? It’s simple: we want to support you; we want to help grow your...
  • Blog Post: Mark Relph on Windows Development for .NET Rocks!

    Over the past number of years, I’ve listened to quite a number of podcasts. As I’ve said many times before , in terms of “learning on-the-go”, podcasts provide one of the best means of exercising your brain. Got a 45-minute commute? Why not educate yourself at the same time? On...
  • Blog Post: Security Bulletins for the Regular IT Guy–September 28th - Out Of Band

    Over pints Pierre Roman, Bruce Cowper and Rick Claus decided they would put together a concise and timely podcast each “Update Tuesday”. The object is to keep it simple by letting you know in plain non technical language what the updates are, what they resolve and why you should care. As always - if...
  • Blog Post: .NET Rocks’ Live Weekend

    If you’re developing (or thinking of developing) on the .NET platform, you should make the .NET Rocks! show part of your regular podcast listening. Hosted by Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell , .NET Rocks! has nearly 600 episodes going all the way back to 2002 covering all sorts of .NET development...
  • Blog Post: SoundBites from MakeWebNotWar

    I got prodded by Steve Syfuhs– as to what ever happened to the Audio recordings my team created during NerdsOnATrain / Make Web Not War event. In case you missed it – Make Web Not War is an event that Microsoft put on last week in partnership with the PHP community, partners and individuals...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Desktop Player

    Webcast, video cast, white papers, resource links, there are plenty of all of these scattered throughout the web.  Finding them and having them available when and where you need them can be a challenge.  Searching, missing plugins, and a requirement to be online all pose challenges to access...
  • Blog Post: Hanselminutes, Website Optimization, and Stack Overflow - Oh My!

    Yesterday, after a long day of preparing resources for Microsoft TechDays Canada , I grabbed my iPod and I took my dog, Hugo for a walk. During times like these, I like to unwind by listening to some of my favourite podcasts . As I've stated many times in the past, podcasts provide a great way to keep...
  • Blog Post: Audio Resources for the On-The-Go Developer

    I admit it: I’m addicted to podcasts. Why? Because they allow me to multitask. For example, I can take Hugo (my dog) for a long walk while listening to some of my favourite podcasts on software development. It’s the best of both worlds; I get to exercise my brain and my body at the same time. If you...
  • Blog Post: The State of the Computer Science Nation in Canada with Tony Targonski

    Yesterday, I interviewed Tony Targonski about the state of computer science in Canada and : If you haven't had an opportunity to check out , it's a site dedicated to students and faculty who wish to discuss matters relating to computer science. Tony is one of its contributors...
  • Blog Post: A Conversation With Dick Hardt (Sxip Identity)

    Last month, I had the opportunity to interview Dick Hardt about digital identity and why it's an important topic for developers to understand. A Conversation with Dick Hardt (MP3) Resources Dick Hardt's OSCON 2005 Presentation on Identity 2.0 IdentityBlog (Kim Cameron...
  • Blog Post: XNA Gamefest 2007 Report

    I just came back from Gamefest 2007 with Mark Zielinski and I must tell you, it was cool. Over the last year I had the pleasure of meeting a lot of you who've asked some really good questions about XNA Game Studio Express. The 2 major ones when it comes to the technology have been "What about network...
  • Blog Post: Shaun Walker on Running an Open Source Project

    Built on top of ASP.NET, DotNetNuke represents a "free, Open Source Framework ideal for creating Enterprise Web Applications". Last Thursday, I got a chance to chat with the man who's largely responsible for bring DotNetNuke to the masses; Shaun Walker. Are you a developer thinking about starting...
  • Blog Post: James Kovacs on Agile Development

    Shortly after James Kovacs and I wrapped up our video interview (see here ), I suggested that he and I cover some of the finer points around agile development in a phone interview. Download MP3 Audio - James Kovacs on Agile Development (12.79 MB - 27 minutes, 37 seconds) About James Kovacs ...
  • Blog Post: My Chat With Dana Epp - Developers and Security

    My Chat With Dana Epp (MP3) Dana Epp is one of my heroes. I'm a big fan of his blog and have been following his community involvement for the past three years. Earlier today, I got a chance to chat with Dana about security. More specifically, we chatted about how developers can improve their skills...
  • Blog Post: My Chat with Justice Gray - Be a Better Developer in Six Months

    My Chat with Justice Gray (MP3) Earlier today, I called Justice Gray to chat about some of the things developers can do to advance their learning and skills. This conversation was fostered around the Internet meme that has caught fire of late. The meme started with Justice's blog post ( here ) and...
  • Blog Post: My Chat with Richard Campbell

    A few weeks ago, Richard Campbell dropped by to deliver a presentation to the Calgary .NET User Group . Since Richard is a good friend of mine, I insisted that he visit me in the suburbs of my fine city. Shortly before heading over to venue, Richard and I sat down and had a chat about his career, database...
  • Blog Post: [Podcast] Interview with Jean-Rene Roy on DevTeach

    I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jean-René Roy during my last trip to Montréal to discuss DevTeach that Jean-René organizes every year. The Canadian Microsoft team will be there in large number so come say hello. Here's the link to the Podcast .
  • Blog Post: [Podcast] Interview avec Jean-René Roy sur DevTeach

    J'ai eu le privilège de m'assoir avec Jean-René Roy lors de mon récent passage à Montréal et parler de l'événement DevTeach que Jean-René organise annuellement. L'équipe de Microsoft Canada sera la en très grand nombre alors venez nous dire un petit bonjour. Voici le podcast .
  • Blog Post: [Launch 2007; Podcasts] Graham Marko on the Metro Toronto .NET User Group

    MP3: Graham Marko on the Metro Toronto .NET User Group At the 2007 Microsoft Launch , I chatted with Graham Marko in the Community Zone about the Metro Toronto .NET User Group .
  • Blog Post: [Launch 2007; Podcasts] David Totzke on Canada's Technology Triangle .NET User Group

    MP3: David Totzke on Canada's Technology Triangle .NET User Group At the 2007 Microsoft Launch , I bumped into David Totzke in the Community Zone and got a chance to chat with him about Canada's Technology Triangle .NET User Group .
  • Blog Post: [Canadian RDs; Launch 2007; Podcasts] Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell on .NET Rocks! and Pwop! Productions

    MP3: Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell on .NET Rocks! and Pwop! Productions Earlier today, I got a chance to sit down with Carl Franklin and fellow Canadian Richard Campbell during the 2007 Microsoft Launch in Toronto. In our chat, we discuss the success behind .NET Rocks! and the engine that supports...
  • Blog Post: [Launch 2007; Office 2007; Podcasts] Christian Beauclair (Microsoft Canada) on the 2007 Microsoft Launch and Microsoft Office 2007

    MP3: Christian Beauclair on the 2007 Microsoft Launch and Microsoft Office 2007 Last week, Christian and I sat down for a few minutes to discuss some of the things he's talking about during the 2007 Microsoft Launch. Specifically, he and I chat about Microsoft Office 2007 and all of the new developer...
  • Blog Post: [Podcast] Show #001 - X06 Toronto (Part 1) - Interview with Major Nelson

    Hi everyone, Welcome to the Canadian Developers Podcast. In this series, we'll be chatting with members of the Canadian developer community, finding what exciting stuff you are doing with XNA, ASP.NET AJAX, Windows Live and other technologies, and giving you an interesting new way to connect with...
  • Blog Post: [Podcasts] Jeff Zado on Developer Night in Canada (DNIC)

    Jeff Zado on Microsoft Expression Once again, our good friend, Jeff Zado is interviewed for Developer Night in Canada (DNIC) . This time, he and I chat about Microsoft Expression . The RSS feed for Developer Night in Canada (DNIC) is available here . Alternatively, you can subscribe through Apple...
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