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  • Blog Post: How to Steal the Microsoft API Prize at Hack the North

    It’s dangerous to go alone, take this all-in-one guide to winning our hackathon API prize! Follow and reach out to Mansib ( @gaessaki ) on Twitter for more insights on how students are taking over the world, how the cloud is taking over the universe and to learn about Azure powered toaster drones. If...
  • Blog Post: Python and Data: SQL Database on Azure as a data source for Python applications

    This post will show you how to use Python to connect to a SQL database on Azure in the cloud, as well as how to save and retrieve data.   I ( @HockeyGeekGirl ) recently recorded some courses with Christopher Harrison ( @GeekTrainer ) on Microsoft Virtual Academy about coding with Python. During...
  • Blog Post: Let us take you from complete beginner to professional web developer

    It can be difficult to connect the dots from beginner programmer to understanding the architecture of a full fledged application. We've put together a learning path to try and help! This post shares a learning path that can help you go from beginner coder to creating the architecture of a professional...
  • Blog Post: Canada Does Windows Azure: Icicle

    I believe that the best way to learn is to learn from each other, so I’m always on the search for stories of Canadian developers who have either built new applications using Windows Azure services or have migrated existing applications to Windows Azure . This is the story of Burton Software and Icicle...
  • Blog Post: Technology Post Roundup–6th Edition

    In Canada, we’re fortunate to have many community experts and MVPs. Throughout the month, they write about and talk about some really cool things. Many of you have told us that you’d like it to be easier to discover them and what they’re writing about. The team and I will be curating top picks and sharing...
  • Blog Post: What’s going on across Canada? Lots! Check it out!

    There are so many great events coming up in Canada, I wanted to list some of them here, so you don’t miss out! TechDays isn’t your only opportunity to get out and learn about the latest technologies from experts. We hold a number of smaller events throughout the year, and we also sponsor...
  • Blog Post: New SQL Azure lab available (How to move data to SQL Azure)

    The SQL Azure labs site is a great place to explore and play with SQL Azure! You are probably already using SQL Server and may be working with or wondering about SQL Azure. Often when I want to explore a technology, I find reading a blog post or MSDN article isn’t enough to make me comfortable. I need...
  • Blog Post: SQL Server Roadmap to Denali Webcast Series

    SQL Server Denali, so many great features for reporting, high availability, business intelligence, and more . If you haven’t had time to sit down and start learning about what’s new in the latest release of SQL Server, join Microsoft Canada for a weekly webcast series to help discover and understand...
  • Blog Post: Come Learn SQL Azure in Ottawa

    Come join me as I will be presenting this Friday in Ottawa on SQL Azure at CTE Solutions . I grew up on SQL Server, but it really isn’t that hard to get up to speed on SQL Azure. A lot of features are the same, but there are a few key differences you need to know. In this session I will be talking about...
  • Blog Post: Hello, World!

    Greetings and salutations. I’m Jonathan – the newest member of the Canadian DPE team , writing to introduce myself to you. For as long as I can remember, I have been checking Microsoft Careers to give me something to target my career towards. I’d read through job postings for various...
  • Blog Post: Essential Resources for Getting Started with Windows Azure

    The following blog post was co-authored by John Bristowe and Cory Fowler . Important! Check out the Windows Azure Introductory Special . It is the easiest way to get started with Windows Azure. To make it even easier, Barry Gervin and Cory Fowler have created some step...
  • Blog Post: Thinking of Moving to the Cloud? Get Free Compute Time with Windows Azure

    Are you a developer looking to launch your new web application? Or perhaps you’re an IT Pro or IT Architect trying to understand what all the fuss about “The Cloud” is. Or maybe you need for some compute time to run calculations. No matter who you are, or why you’re thinking about the cloud, Microsoft...
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