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  • Blog Post: 2012 In Review, 2013 At a Glance

    First and foremost, Happy New Year! May it be a year full of learning new things, developing skills, and most importantly building - building apps, new careers, or better yet, new careers building apps! Over the holidays, I took the opportunity to go through the Canadian Developer Connection and see...
  • Blog Post: Ok. Let’s Start from the Beginning.

    One of my favorite things to do is to check and see what folks are talking about on that Internet thing and one of the people I enjoy reading is the handsome and dapper Martin Beeby who we lovingly refer to as “The Beebs” . He is a developer evangelist for Microsoft and loves HTML5 just like me, but...
  • Blog Post: Keeping up with the Web Standards

    Recently Microsoft sponsored an event on campus with the W3C which included practical talks around standards and HTML5 topics. This included speakers from the W3C, Google, Opera, influencers and our own Rey Bango and Giorgio Sardo . Good for everyone is that all the sessions were recorded for your viewing...
  • Blog Post: Internet Explorer 9, Platform Preview 4

    I’ve been busy with all sorts of stuff, so I ‘m a little late with an announcement you might have seen elsewhere online: IE9 Platform Preview 4 has been released! If you want the full story, check out IE General Manager Dean Hachamovitch’s blog entry over at IEBlog , where he goes over the latest platform...
  • Blog Post: Internet Explorer 9: Kicking Ass and Acid3 with Platform Preview 3!

    Back in March, when the first platform preview of Internet Explorer 9 was released at the MIX10 conference, the IE9 team promised to release new previews of the browser about every eight weeks. Eight weeks after MIX10, they kept their promise and released Platform Preview 2. It featured improved JavaScript...
  • Blog Post: VP8 Support in Internet Explorer 9

    You’ve probably read the news already , so I’ll cut right to the chase: earlier today, Internet Explorer’s big kahuna Dean Hachamovitch made an announcement about Internet Explorer 9 support for HTML5 video in Blogging Windows : In its HTML5 support, IE9 will support playback of H.264 video as well as...
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