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  • Blog Post: To TechDays 2012 and Beyond

    Many of you have been with us since TechDays kicked off in Canada in the fall of 2008.  We’ve been fortunate to have you as a guest or a presenter in the past - many of you several times over.  For those of you that haven’t been a part of TechDays, it was Microsoft Canada’s fall technical readiness...
  • Blog Post: TechDays TV Live Today: CLD280 - Lessons Learned From Building a Digital Asset Management System in the Cloud

    June 19, 2012 | Starting at 12:00 PM ET In today’s TechDays TV session, Jean Lozano from MediaValet discusses various development strategies that he and his team learned while ramping up development on Windows Azure . You’ll learn the lessons they learned from various cloud-related challenges...
  • Blog Post: Coming Up on TechDays TV

    It’s that time of the month again where I get to fill you in on what’s coming up on TechDays TV in May. Don’t forget – these sessions are LIVE and INTERACTIVE, bring the TechDays experience online. Ask questions and get them answered as if the expert was right there in the room with you! If you’re not...
  • Blog Post: Because There’s Always More To Learn…

    The title of this post is “Because there’s always more to learn.” Where’s that from? You know it… That’s right – TechDays. But wait… time to talk about TechDays 2012 already? Not quite. But it is time to talk about TechDays Online ! Whether you were able to attend Tech·Days 2011 (or even 2010!) or not...
  • Blog Post: Just another session at TechDays or is it?

    A presenter at the front of the room, a projector, looks like just another session at TechDays doesn’t it? But this session is a hands on lab. If you take a step back you notice a room full of computers and lots of attendees writing code This is the hands on lab area at TechDays Vancouver, something...
  • Blog Post: Prairie Dev Con Winnipeg Features TechDays Sessions

    Looking for TechDays content before it gets to TechDays Online? Prairie Dev Con is a perfect place to get it! Join myself, Jonathan Rozenblit , fellow developer evangelist Thomas Lewis , and TechDays speakers Tyler Doerksen ( @tyler_gd ) and Miguel Carrasco ( @miguelcarrasco ) on November 21st and 22nd...
  • Blog Post: The Story of the TechDays Vancouver Keynote

    You’re probably wondering what the PowerPoint slide is all about. Well let me tell you. This is the story of the TechDays Vancouver keynote. A week from today, I have the distinct pleasure and honour (and stress!) of introducing   the keynote speaker. As you heard from Damir a little while ago,...
  • Blog Post: Want Your Presentation to Rock? Hook Your Audience Early!

    Scores of fabulous speakers are working their way from Toronto to Vancouver to Montreal as part of TechDays delivering great content to technical professionals. Whether it’s TechDays, a client meeting, or a lunch and learn with co-workers, all of us are called upon to present from time to time . When...
  • Blog Post: Everything You Need for TechDays Vancouver

      With just under a week to go before TechDays Vancouver , I know that the team here is going through all our prep lists to make sure that we have everything to ensure an amazing experience for you. While we’re doing that, you can get started on your TechDays prep with this “everything I need for...
  • Blog Post: Great Content in the Nations Capital!

    TechDays is going to rock Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. But we haven’t forgotten the rest of the country! TechDays is sponsoring a number of events across Canada so even if you can’t make it to TechDays this year, you don’t have to miss out! In Ottawa, Microsoft is a proud sponsor and is even providing...
  • Blog Post: One More Reason to Attend TechDays – The Developer Practices and Architecture Track

    We’ve revealed the keynotes , the Windows Client and Phone Track , the Developer Tools, Languages and Framework track , and the Cloud Computing and Online Services track, now I’d like to introduce you to a track that applies to cloud, windows, mobile, and web developers, C#, and VB programmers alike...
  • Blog Post: TechDays 2011: From Zero to Cloud in Two Days

    You’re seeing lots of buzz this week of about TechDays 2011 . Why? Simple. It is going to be great! So far this week, you’ve heard about the keynotes , as well as about the Windows Client and Phone and Developer Tools, Languages, and Frameworks tracks. Today, I’d like to introduce you to my personal...
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