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  • Blog Post: From Requirements to Deployment: The Modern SW Developer using TFS

    May 8th, the Scotia Bank Theatre in Toronto was the scene of ObjectSharp ’s annual “At the Movies” event. The event was recorded and over the next few Fridays, you’ll be able to watch the sessions again and ask the questions you may not have been able to previously ask. If you do have a question, ask...
  • Blog Post: Git’ing It On with Team Foundation Service

    Guest post by Adam Gallant I’m meeting a lot of developers who are targeting multiple platforms, particularly folks building mobile applications, and a common mode of managing source control and/or contributing to projects when people are working together across distances has been using Git. Another...
  • Blog Post: Technology Post Round Up–5th Edition

    In Canada, we’re fortunate to have many community experts and MVPs. Throughout the month, they write about and talk about some really cool things. Many of you have told us that you’d like it to be easier to discover them and what they’re writing about. The team and I will be curating top picks and sharing...
  • Blog Post: Tour Around the New Team Explorer with Dave Lloyd

    Microsoft listened to user feedback and have overhauled the Team Explorer in Team Foundation Server 2012. What used to be a view into the data on your TFS server is now a responsive productivity tool for the developer. Dave Lloyd, ALM MVP, shows you how the Team Explorer morphs and changes into what...
  • Blog Post: Technology Post Roundup - 1st Edition

    As you read in Paul’s blog post Why we love our MVPs , Microsoft MVPs write about and talk about some really cool things. Many of you have told us that you’d like it to be easier to discover MVPs and what they’re writing about. So, moving forward, I’ll be curating top picks and...
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio Hands On Labs for FREE!

    There are a lot of different ways to learn a product or feature. You can watch videos, you can read blogs and articles. You can download training kits and developer guides. These work very well when you have a sandbox to play in, somewhere you can try out the features and code shown in the articles and...
  • Blog Post: Updates for Visual Studio 2010

    If Visual Studio 2010 is your primary tool and you have an MSDN subscription, today was a great day! If you’re a Visual Studio 2010 developer but don’t have an MSDN subscription, Thursday, March 10 will be a great day for you! Why is today (or Thursday) a great day? Simple. Today (or Thursday) is the...
  • Blog Post: Hello, World!

    Greetings and salutations. I’m Jonathan – the newest member of the Canadian DPE team , writing to introduce myself to you. For as long as I can remember, I have been checking Microsoft Careers to give me something to target my career towards. I’d read through job postings for various...
  • Blog Post: Imaginet’s “Unlock the Power of Visual Studio 2010” Events in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary

    Our friends at Imaginet are hosting two-hour events in Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary where they’ll show Visual Studio developers how to get up to speed with all the goodies that have packed into Visual Studio 2010 . Here’s what they’ll cover: What’s new in Team Foundation Server 2010 Learn about important...
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