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  • Blog Post: It’s not the device, nor the UI. It’s the experience that differentiates.

    We’ve all heard the term “ Consumerization of IT ” (or “ Bring Your Own Device ”). Most of us have seen the disruptive power this concept has within the enterprise, both for good and for bad. But how do you take advantage of this concept with your apps? How do you make sure...
  • Blog Post: You need to control yourself when adding controls to mobile UIs

    By now, most people have realized (in theory) that recreating a PC-based app (or web app) is not exactly the right idea for mobile apps.  In practice, however, it is clear that this is not as easy as it sounds .  When you’re building an app that has no history on the PC or web, building the...
  • Blog Post: THIS is How You Do It: The USGA Golf Score App for Windows Phone 7

    One of the tricky things about helping developers build for a platform that has yet to be released is that it’s a tabula rasa . There’s no history, which is both blessing and curse: we developers get to make that history, but at the same time, we’re working in the dark. There are no examples to emulate...
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