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  • Blog Post: Azure Fridays - A Powershell script to Download RSS Videos

    Azure Fridays If you are like me then time is a very precious and limited commodity. Also we both love learning new things! Unfortunately these two statements often conflict ;) That’s why I’m such a big fan of Azure Friday which is a weekly 10(ish) minute video series on Azure. It gives...
  • Blog Post: Driving the Value of the Internet of Things

    When I saw this video, my first reaction was “Wow.. that’s looks so futuristic!” and while it may be the future, it is not futuristic at all – it’s technology that is present today! It just fascinates me as to what can be done when you put a whole bunch of technologies together to solve a specific problem...
  • Blog Post: What’s Up: Developer–November Edition

    Here’s the news as seen on this month’s episode of D³: LIVE & INTERACTiVE : Links Technology Post Roundup - 5th Edition Canadian Developer Events - One stop to get all of the developer events happening nationwide. Canadian Developer Connection Windows Store app - NOW available in the Windows Store...
  • Blog Post: TWC9: WebMatrix, MVC, Orchard, NuGet Gallery

    Don’t have Silverlight? Download it here ! Or, download the video as a high quality WMV , medium quality WMV , high quality MP4 or MP3 . This Week on Channel 9 provides a summary of the most interesting videos and news on Microsoft’s Channel 9 site. In the latest episode, Dan Fernandez ( @danielfe )...
  • Blog Post: Learn Windows Phone 7 with the “Jump Start” Course

    (Well, it's two English guys surrounded by tech gear and a psychedelic background. The interior of the TARDIS came to mind.) The Windows Phone 7 Jump Start is the first of a number of free online courses on WP7 programming led by Microsoft MVPs , and you can jump in right now! Presented by Andy Wigley...
  • Blog Post: TWC9: Lots of Windows Phone 7 Stuff, SQL Cop, WCF for Large Data

    Can’t see the video? You can download and install Silverlight or download the video in iPod (MP4) , MP3 , WMA , WMV , WMV (High) or Zune formats. Here’s what’s up on the latest edition of This Week on Channel 9 , the summary of the most interesting videos and news on Microsoft’s Channel 9 site: Creating...
  • Blog Post: New Internet Explorer 9 Videos

    If you haven’t tried the latest Platform Preview of Internet Explorer 9, get your hands on it now! This one’s got new goodies like a new SVG engine, the “Chakra” JavaScript engine now integrated into the browser instead of a separate object called via COM, better Acid3 (95/100) and WebKit SunSpider scores...
  • Blog Post: TWC9: WebMatrix, Razor, Debug MSBuild Files and Beer-Fetching Robots

    Can’t see the video? You can download and install Silverlight or download the video in iPod , MP3 , WMA , WMV , WMV (High) or Zune formats. Another week, another This Week on Channel 9 (TWC9), Microsoft’s regular webcast showing the past week’s highlight on Channel 9 , where Microsofties talk about what...
  • Blog Post: TWC9: IIS Express, SQL Compact, Silverlight Pivot Viewer, Zip Support in System.IO, .NET on a Bike and More!

    Can’t see the video? You can download and install Silverlight or download the video in MP4 , MP3 , WMA , WMV , WMV (High) or Zune formats. Once again, it’s time for another installment of This Week on Channel 9 (or TWC9 for short), Microsoft’s regular video webcast featuring Dan Fernandez and Brian Keller...
  • Blog Post: Internet Explorer 9 Videos on Channel 9

    By now, you’ve probably seen my article covering the new, faster, even more standards-compliant Platform Preview 3 of Internet Explorer 9 . From hardware acceleration to a speed-boosted JavaScript engine with support for new ECMAScript 5 language features to support for SVG, <audio> , <video>...
  • Blog Post: HTML5 and RIAs: Friends with Benefits!

    Earlier this week, I was asked to make a short video that would be shown during a round table discussion on a hot topic: HTML5 vs. proprietary rich internet app technologies, such as Flash and Silverlight. My video was supposed to take the “RIAs complement HTML” side of the debate, while someone else...
  • Blog Post: At Make Web Not War

    The business of helping out with the NerdTrain , the Make Web Not War conference, associated activities and participating in a team offsite meeting has kept me a busier than I expected to be – in fact, this has been my first chance to post a blog entry! Stories and pictures are forthcoming, but in the...
  • Blog Post: Dan Pink on What Motivates Us

    Here’s a great movie which takes the audio from a presentation by Dan Pink based on the research for his latest book, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us and augments it with video of a whiteboard cartoonist illustrating what Pink is talking about. I have no idea how long it took to film...
  • Blog Post: VP8 Support in Internet Explorer 9

    You’ve probably read the news already , so I’ll cut right to the chase: earlier today, Internet Explorer’s big kahuna Dean Hachamovitch made an announcement about Internet Explorer 9 support for HTML5 video in Blogging Windows : In its HTML5 support, IE9 will support playback of H.264 video as well as...
  • Blog Post: The “Social Media Revolution 2” Video

    It’s Mesh week here in Toronto! Today, the developer-and-creative-focused MeshU conference takes place, followed tomorrow and Wednesday by the social-media-and-marketing focused Mesh conference. I’ll be in the audience at MeshU, and tending the Microsoft lounge (and the cocktail parties) at Mesh. If...
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