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  • Blog Post: On The Road – EnergizeIT – Quebec Edition – Part 5

    subtitle: Monster of all shapes and sizes. Wrapping up this road trip from Ottawa to Quebec City involves a mix of strange companions: Nudist Camps, Monster Trucks, Dinosaurs and a little weather control. I have to mention the Nudist camps along the route – just because there are at least three of them...
  • Blog Post: On The Road – EnergizeIT – Quebec Edition – Part 4

      subtitle: Donuts and coffee secrets   What’s a road trip without coffee and donuts? it’s unheard of. While on the road out east – we tried to share the secret of keeping your coffee in your cup instead of being spilt on your lap while trying to drink it in a moving car. Since the roads in...
  • Blog Post: Farewell...

    It's with a touch of sadness that I'm announcing that I'll be leaving the Developer Advisor team here at Microsoft Canada ( as foreshadowed in the previous video ). This is going to be an exciting opportunity as I'll be moving on to a new role in Redmond, representing and supporting developers worldwide...
  • Blog Post: Designing Websites with Web Standards Using Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2

    For the past 12 years, I've been building websites and working with different Web technologies. I'd have to say that one of the most frustrating experiences (and the most time consuming) has been to get content to render correctly in all browsers. As a result, I'm a really strong advocate of Web standards...
  • Blog Post: Imagine Cup 2007 Korea - Canada Wins!

    I can now announce that Team Awesome came 3rd place in the Photography Challenge and walked away with a giant cheque and trophies! Congratulations to both Team Awesome ( Team Robot Hospital and the rest of the Canadian and U.S. teams) on winning the finals, flying to Seoul, South Korea and participating...
  • Blog Post: The Road to Imagine Cup Korea - T-Minus 9 Days

    The theme for this year's Imagine Cup is Education - the challenge is "Imagine a world where technology enables a better education for all." (the themes year after year are similar in one way - they challenges students to thing of ways that software can be used in citizenship and improve people's lives...
  • Blog Post: The Road to Imagine Cup Korea - T-Minus 10 Days

    This year, I will be travelling to Seoul, South Korea with 9 Canadian finalists as part of the Imagine Cup challenge. I feel very privileged to have been picked to accompany these really talented students to cheer them on! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Imagine Cup , it is one way we are...
  • Blog Post: A Chat With James Kovacs on Agile Development

    Yesterday, I attended an event hosted by the Calgary .NET User Group . Fellow Plumber and agile junkie, James Kovacs delivered a presentation entitled, "Simple Patterns for Simple Problems". Following his presentation, I got a chance to catch up with James and had a discussion with him about agile development...
  • Blog Post: Michael Amanfi on Windows Workflow Foundation and Team Workflow

    Yesterday, I had the opportunity to chat with Michael Amanfi on the roof of my building about his work with Windows Workflow Foundation and specifically, his community project called Team Workflow - a workflow authoring and process automation tool built on Windows Workflow Foundation to help teams create...
  • Blog Post: Colin Bowern - Live From The Toronto Code Camp 2007

    In this final installment, here is an interview with Colin Bowern from Official Community. There were sixteen videos filmed in total and you can view them very shortly from the website. In this segment, Colin is interviewed by Kyle Cowan about his role as a speaker at the Code Camp...
  • Blog Post: Sasha Krsmanovic - Live From The Toronto Code Camp 2007

    Sasha Krsmanovic is the Microsoft MVP lead for Canada. The acronym MVP stands for Most Valuable Professional - they are exceptional technical community leaders from around the world who are awarded for voluntarily sharing their high quality, real world expertise in offline and online technical communities...
  • Blog Post: Chris Dufour - Live From The Toronto Code Camp 2007

    Here is a video taken at the Toronto Code Camp on March 31. Chris Dufour, the camp organizer, explains the challenges around planning a large scale community event for developers: Video: Chris Dufour - Live From The Toronto Code Camp 2007
  • Blog Post: MVP Summit 2007 Videocast: Matthew Cassell

    Here is an interview with Matthew Cassell at the 2007 MVP Summit. In this interview, Matthew talks about some of his academic activities including the Academic .NET Student Conference held in Toronto . He also recounts his meeting with Steve Ballmer , CEO of Microsoft. Video: MVP Summit: Matthew Cassell
  • Blog Post: Chris Dufour on MVPs, Code Camps and Virtual Earth Mashups

    Here is my interview with Chris Dufour ( ASP.NET MVP ), the leader of the East of Toronto .NET User Group . Chris has been really busy in the last year, including organizing the 2007 Toronto Code Camp , sharing his custom DotNetNuke Code Camp Event module on Codeplex , and creating a Virtual Earth mashup...
  • Blog Post: [Canadiana; Events; Videocast] Vancouver TechFest 2007 - Medhat Elmasry

    Video: Vancouver TechFest 2007 - Medhat Elmasry While at Vancouver TechFest 2007 , I got a chance to chat with Medhat Elmasry about the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) . As you'll see in the video, there's a lot of opportunties for developers to advance their skills! Medhat also helps...
  • Blog Post: [Canadiana; Events; Videocast] Vancouver TechFest 2007 - Rob Chartier

    Video: Vancouver TechFest 2007 - Rob Chartier Vancouver TechFest 2007 is underway! Earlier this morning, I took a cab over to British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) and was able to catch part of the registration on my video camera. I was also able to interview Rob Chartier , one of the event...
  • Blog Post: Game Camp Ottawa - Mike the 3D Graphic Artist

    Here is a video of Mike, a 3D modeling artist attending the Ottawa Game Camp. In this video, Mike gives his views on some of the 3D frameworks and technologies out there and how XNA measures up. Video: Game Camp Ottawa 2007 - Mike The 3D Artist If you have designed an XNA game, or you are in the...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Digital Ice House Video

    My IT Pro counterpart Rod Buike recently posted a video of the Microsoft Digital Ice House . In case you weren't able to visit it, or you want to experience it again, I've added it here: Video: Microsoft Canada’s Digital Ice House Enjoy!
  • Blog Post: Game Camp Ottawa 2007 - Daniel Deschamps

    Last Saturday, Carleton University hosted a Game Camp for students and faculty. The theme of the Game Camp was XNA and Game Studio Express. Christian Beauclair gave an in-depth presentation on how to create a pong game from scratch. We also took a look at the Creator's Club, games being developed by...
  • Blog Post: Game Camp Waterloo - Neville Samuell

    Here is a video direct from the Game Camp at the University of Waterloo that took place on January 19th, 2007. Neville Samuell demonstrates his XNA game "Super Paddle Ball 2" - he wrote the game in 6 hours (after attending the original Game Camp in Toronto). Video: Game Camp Waterloo 2007 - Neville Samuell
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