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  • Blog Post: Working with Class Diagrams? Let Visual Studio 2013 do the work

    Designing a new feature? Trying to figure out someone else’s code? Got a class diagram completed and need to start coding? Take advantage of the modelling features in Visual Studio to save yourself some time! Using an agile methodology doesn’t mean you never document or design anything. The class diagram...
  • Blog Post: Shiny New Toys (in Visual Studio)

    If you are an avid user of Visual Studio, you may already know that the VS product team is now releasing quarterly updates on the tooling and this Spring is no different.  Earlier this spring, the Visual Studio team released Update 2 (Spring Update) for Visual Studio 2013.  What was also announced...
  • Blog Post: Something for Everyone in Visual Studio 2013

    May 8th, the Scotia Bank Theatre in Toronto was the scene of ObjectSharp ’s annual “At the Movies” event. The event was recorded and over the next few Fridays, you’ll be able to watch the sessions again and ask the questions you may not have been able to previously ask. If you do have a question, ask...
  • Blog Post: Building Cross-Platform Code in Visual Studio with Xamarin

    As you already know, Visual Studio (especially Visual Studio 2013) provides amazing tools for you to build Windows Store apps, Windows Phone apps, desktop apps, Windows Azure services, and Web apps. What you may not know is that with Xamarin, you can build apps for other platforms like iOS and Android...
  • Blog Post: Rockin’ Windows Azure with Visual Studio

    In this episode of Breakpoint , Jonathan and Paul thought they'd take their own spin on talking about Windows Azure . Visual Studio 2013 is the best front-end to the Windows Azure development platform, and as such, they take you on a tour of Windows Azure from Visual Studio's perspective. See how you...
  • Blog Post: DevOps in 60 seconds

    Everyone is talking about DevOps these days, so I thought I would look into it and see what the hype is all about. Rather than scouring the Internet, I turned to my good friend and developer tools Guru Adam Gallant and said to him: “Adam, what can you tell me about DevOps and Visual Studio 2013 in 60...
  • Blog Post: Browser Link–Tracking Unused CSS

    As mentioned in my previous blog post , Browser Link is a new feature in Visual Studio 2013 that allows for two-way communication between Visual Studio and any number of browsers. Browser Link enables some great new features that streamline the development process for web developers using the Microsoft...
  • Blog Post: Visual Studio 2013 Launch Highlights

    There was so much to take in at Wednesday’s launch event, it’s hard to know where to start. All of the keynote sessions are available on-demand (visit ) and there are a number of events over the coming weeks which will let you go deeper into the new features available....
  • Blog Post: Python and Git are Not Just for the Non-Visual Studio Developers

    You have seen them sitting in Starbucks Café’s drinking six dollar lattés with recipes such as “venti half white mocha, half cafe vanilla, with 2 shots pour appigato style (over the top) and caramel drizzle frappachino.” You have heard them saying words like “pip”, “git”, “social”, “closure”, “npm”,...
  • Blog Post: 5 great ways to learn about Visual Studio 2013

    Want to get up to speed on the new features in Visual Studio 2013? From videos, to hands on labs, let’s look at some of the best resources that can help you get up to speed on the features that will help you most. We have two great Visual Studio 2013 events coming up to help you get rolling with Visual...
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