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  • Blog Post: Most frequently requested Visual Studio resources

    In this post, I share some of my favourite and most requested links for Visual Studio resources. I taught developer courses for a number of years, and there were certain questions and requests that came up on a regular basis. In this post, I’ve compiled some of the most common requests I received from...
  • Blog Post: Awesome resources for Developers Tools, Languages and Framework track at TechDays

    I don’t know for you, but each time I go to a conference, I always want to put my hands into the new technology I just learn. I’m sure that it’s the case for you, so I wanted to give you a one-stop place where you’ll be able to get everything you need to do this with the sessions...
  • Blog Post: What’s Happening with Windows Phone 7 [Updated]

    Update: I added links to official Windows Phone 7 documentation. And now, a quick wrap-up of what’s happening with Windows Phone 7. (What you see above is my phone in my hand, as seen from my point of view at Café Novo , one of my “remote offices” in Toronto.) In this article, I cover: General in-person...
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