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  • Blog Post: Live Mesh in Canada (No more wait list)

    It's official! One of the coolest new platform on Live is now available in Canada for testing and there is no more wait list. You can now take it for a spin. This open platform allows you to create a mesh between different devices (PC and mobile) so they can be aware of each other and share files. You...
  • Blog Post: Energize IT: Wild About Services

    Have you seen cool services like Windows Live, FaceBook, Twitter and Amazon? Did you know that you can build amazing applications using these services? In this track, you’ll get the lowdown on the fundamentals of services, how they work, and clarifying some of the myths and acronyms. Then, you’ll discover...
  • Blog Post: Windows Live SkyDrive in Canada!

    Windows Live SkyDrive is now available in Canada and will provide you up to 5 GB of free storage space! Do you have problems carrying large files around or maybe source code (or other assets)? Then I'd recommend that you look at this solution. It's a great alternative to a USB key - no matter where you...
  • Blog Post: realDEVELOPMENT Windows Live Webcast

    Did you attend the realDEVELOPMENT tour ? Do you have questions centered around Windows Live (like licensing, usage, technical questions perhaps)? This Thursday (November 22nd), between 12:00-01:00 PM EST, we will be holding a special LiveMeeting event with Ryan Storgaard and Jacky Mok from the Canadian...
  • Blog Post: Windows Live Partner Quickstart Portal - Get Up and Running with Windows Live

    Windows Live Services are web-based services available to you for integration into your solutions today. Each facet of the Windows Live product line has simple terms of use (and unless you have usage volumes that are very, very high, it's all free), SDKs and APIs to integrate the services into your applications...
  • Blog Post: Windows Live Services Webcast

    Last week I conducted a webcast on Windows Live Services. The turnout was fantastic and there was great participation at the end of the webcast. Thanks to those of you who attended! For those of you who could not attend, you can always watch the webcast on demand here . In the webcast, I promised...
  • Blog Post: realDEVELOPMENT_07 Canadian Tour for Web Developers

    The realDEVELOPMENT_07 tour is coming to a Canadian city near you, and the focus is helping you be successful in your day to day jobs. This half day event will provide you with cool tips, tricks and tools to help you tackle the real Web development challenges you see everyday both in the browser and...
  • Blog Post: The Gadget VS Gadget Competition Is Now On!

    On April 18th, I hinted about a "special offer". On May 1st, John Bristowe posted resources and guidance on how to build a gadget. Now the cat's out of the bag - the Gadget VS Gadget competition has now launched and gives you both the opportunity to build Windows Vista gadgets and win great prizes such...
  • Blog Post: [Windows Live; Windows Vista] Resources & Design Practices for Gadget Developers

    Last week, Jean-Luc hinted at an "offer" in his blog post on Windows Live and Vista gadgets . A deeper explanation on what Jean-Luc was referring to is coming soon! (Stay tuned to this blog for more information.) As part of his post, he also provided some links for you to reference when building these...
  • Blog Post: Windows Live and Vista Gadgets

    Are you interested in developing gadgets for Windows Live and Windows Vista ? If so - we have an offer coming up that will definitely interest you in a big way! Gadgets are mini-applications which allow users quick access to information from applications, the Internet, and utilities. Windows Vista gadgets...
  • Blog Post: Chris Dufour on MVPs, Code Camps and Virtual Earth Mashups

    Here is my interview with Chris Dufour ( ASP.NET MVP ), the leader of the East of Toronto .NET User Group . Chris has been really busy in the last year, including organizing the 2007 Toronto Code Camp , sharing his custom DotNetNuke Code Camp Event module on Codeplex , and creating a Virtual Earth mashup...
  • Blog Post: [Events] Microsoft Digital Ice House

    To celebrate the consumer launch of Windows Vista on January 30 2007, Microsoft Canada built a Digital Ice House at the corner of Dundas and Yonge Street in Toronto, in the middle of Dundas Square. Here are some photos with highlights from the event which will run until February 3rd:
  • Blog Post: [Webcasts, Windows Live] "How Cool Are Windows Live Gadgets?" (Live For You! Webcast Series)

    Last week, I delivered a presentation on Live Gadgets as part of the ongoing Live for You! Webcast Series . Many thanks to those of you who were able to attend. My goal was to show you just how easy it is to build gadgets as part of the Live platform. Review During the presentation, I explained...
  • Blog Post: [Webcasts, Windows Live] "A Richer User Experience with Virtual Earth" (Live For You! Webcast Series)

    On Tuesday, I delivered a presentation on Virtual Earth as part of the ongoing Live for You! Webcast Series . I would like to thank those of you who were able to attend. I hope you were able to get a sense of just how powerful Virtual Earth really is. For those of you who could not attend, its focus...
  • Blog Post: Windows Live Webcast Series - Live for You!

    It's amazing the number of services available to developers for creating intelligent and clever applications. Windows Live provides you with tons of APIs to incorporate search, maps, gadgets, messenger bot integration and much more - you can translate these services into real business value. For example...
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