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  • Blog Post: Part 4: Azure Mobile Services: What you need to know about Authentication and Authorization

    This tutorial series takes you through how Azure Mobile Services provides Mobile-Backend-As-A-Service by discussing various features and basics of how to get started. Part 1: How Azure Mobile Services enable your Cloud First Mobile First World Part 2: Azure Mobile Services: What you need to know to get...
  • Blog Post: WinMoDevCamp Toronto’s Agenda

    WinMoDevCamp Toronto , the Toronto edition of the workshop for developing applications for Windows Phone, takes place today at Microsoft Canada’s headquarters. If you can’r make it to WinMoDevCamp in person, you can attend virtually by watching the streaming video feed. Here’s the agenda (all times are...
  • Blog Post: WinMoDevCamp Toronto This Wednesday!

    WinMoDevCamp Toronto, the free workshop where you can learn about Windows Phone Development, takes place this Wednesday at Microsoft Canada’s offices in Mississauga. Come learn about Windows Phone by participating in a development project, and come meet some of the faces (including me) at the local branch...
  • Blog Post: The New Yorker’s Hallowe’en Cover and Why You Should Go to WinMoDevCamp

    The New Yorker’s Hallowe’en Cover I make sure to keep an eye on how technology pops up in mainstream non-geek culture because it’s a good way to gauge the techno-cultural zeitgeist and see how technologies are being received by the public at large. As techies, we’re all too happy to be early adopters...
  • Blog Post: WinMoDevCamp Toronto: Wednesday November 11th at Microsoft’s Mississauga Office

    WinMoDevCamp , the worldwide series of development workshops for Windows-based mobile phones, is coming to Toronto on Wednesday, November 11th! If you want to learn how to develop applications for Windows Phone (the mobile operating system formerly known as Windows Mobile), this full-day workshop will...
  • Blog Post: WinMoDevCamp: Save the Date – November 11th!

    On Wednesday, November 11th, we’ll be hosting the Toronto-area WinMoDevCamp at Microsoft Canada’s headquarters! It’ll be the fifth in a series of worldwide “Camp” style workshops focusing on developing applications for Windows Mobile (including the upcoming Windows Mobile 6.5 ). WinMoDevCamp – short...
  • Blog Post: TechDays Vancouver: More Scenes from the “Platform” Track

    Two out of three of this afternoon’s sessions in my track at the TechDays conference – Developing for the Microsoft-Based Platform -- were presented by Anthony Vranic, an independent consultant who used to be a Microsoft developer evangelist. His sessions: Building Modular Applications Using Silverlight...
  • Blog Post: Remember: The Race to Market Challenge is On!

    Last month, I posted a video announcing the launch of the Race to Market Challenge , a competition that challenges you to add some Windows Phone applications to our up-and-coming Marketplace and compete for one of four grand prizes: developer editions of a Surface table. There’s a new video out, and...
  • Blog Post: Windows Mobile Case Study: Porting Amplitude to WinMo

    The Windows Mobile Blog points to an MSDN article covering how Amplitude, an application for the iPhone, was ported to Windows Mobile . Here’s a quick description of Amplitude , which is developed by Gripwire , a mobile and social app company based in Seattle, courtesy of the Windows Mobile Blog : Amplitude...
  • Blog Post: The “Race to Market Challenge” for Windows Mobile

    The Race to Market Challenge Here’s a quick little video that explains what the just-announced Race to Market challenge is all about: If you’ve been thinking about developing for Windows Mobile, now’s the time! We’re now accepting submissions of applications for Windows Marketplace for Mobile , the on...
  • Blog Post: Exploring Windows Mobile 6’s Built-In UI Controls

        On my personal tech blog, Global Nerdy , I’ve posted a new article titled Upwardly Mobile, Part 3: Exploring Windows Mobile 6’s Built-In UI Controls . In it, I show a steak-and-cocktail-themed example app whose purpose is to get you familiar with some of the controls built into Windows...
  • Blog Post: A Quick Intro to Windows Mobile 6 Development

    If you’d been meaning to try out developing for Windows Mobile 6 but haven’t gotten around to it, I’ve got a quick intro to Windows Mobile 6 development on my personal tech blog, Global Nerdy . If you’re familiar with building WinForms desktop apps, you’ll find this walkthrough pretty easy.
  • Blog Post: Windows Mobile Incubation Week: April 13 - 17

    This week is Windows Mobile Incubation Week , a “jam session” taking place at The Empire’s Silicon Valley branch, where startups are invited to learn about Windows Mobile from Microsoft’s gurus and pick up some tricks from mobile industry gurus and venture capitalists. They’re also challenged to build...
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