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  • Blog Post: I Probably Owe You an Email…

    …or a phone call, or visit or something along those lines. The past couple of days have kept me quite busy helping run TechDays Edmonton , but that ended yesterday, and I’m spending today helping run Windows Phone 7 Coffee and Code Edmonton (it’s at the Second Cup at 102 and Jasper ) and getting caught...
  • Blog Post: It’s One of the Perks of the Job

    The best antidote for a day full of meetings in boardrooms in a suburban office park is to finish it in different surroundings. So when my last meeting on Friday ended with a couple of hours of business day to spare, I made a beeline for one of my favourite “field offices” – Cafe Novo , located across...
  • Blog Post: Dan Pink on What Motivates Us

    Here’s a great movie which takes the audio from a presentation by Dan Pink based on the research for his latest book, Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us and augments it with video of a whiteboard cartoonist illustrating what Pink is talking about. I have no idea how long it took to film...
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