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  • Blog Post: Go The Extra “Cloud”- Windows Azure Virtual, LIVE, and Interactive

    I love it when the team finishes up a tour (in this case the recent Windows Azure DevCamp) and come back only to find out that you want to go the extra mile – you want to learn even more about Windows Azure. Music to my ears! Since that is the case, I’m happy to announce that on October 3, we’ll be hosting...
  • Blog Post: <What’s Up: Developers> May Edition

    As always, as you’re winding down for the weekend, take a few minutes to catch up on May’s developer news as seen on this month’s D³: LIVE & INTERACTiVE (this past Wednesday). Links Canadian Developer Connection Windows Phone App ( Windows Phone Marketplace ) TechDays TV - May 8 - WIN280 - Metro...
  • Blog Post: Cloud: A Skill and Career Building Opportunity

    A recently released IDC study talks about how the Cloud will deliver more than 70,000 jobs in Canada by 2015. Similarly, the D³: LIVE & INTERACTiVE special entitled Current IT Market Conditions and Hiring Trends in 2012 discussed the increasing need for developers to have Cloud Computing knowledge...
  • Blog Post: If You Like Hands-On…

    Some learn by listening – so they go to conferences, meetups, or watch sessions online (like TechDays Online ). Others learn by doing. For those folks, there are great online hands-on labs that can be done, like those on TechDays Online (did you know TechDays Online had hands-on labs that you can complete...
  • Blog Post: Crunch Time for Windows Phone

    Behind the Scenes: Windows Phone 7 Microsoft Vice President Terry Myerson gets a look at a prototype Windows Phone circuit board that Qualcomm built with an all-new chip that had just started rolling off the manufacturing line. Photo by Ina Fried. In her article Behind the Scenes: Windows Phone 7 , Ina...
  • Blog Post: Windows Phone Workshops

    Windows Phone 7 is coming soon, and we’re holding a couple of full-day workshops to show you its underlying architecture, walk you through its development frameworks, show you how to build apps with Visual Studio Express and sell them in the Marketplace, and then hold a codefest – and yes, it’s free...
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