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  • Blog Post: MonoGame for the XNA Developer (#Gamedev w/ @ScruffyFurn)

    When XNA was put into “stasis” a huge hole was created in the game development tool space. In this latest episode of #Gamedev w/ @ScruffyFurn I rant about the heartache I suffered with the retirement of XNA and take a look at my newly budding relationship with MonoGame,, the open source implementation...
  • Blog Post: Mango RTMs! Now what?

    Last week, we announced that Windows Phone 7 Codenamed “Mango” RTM’ed (RTM = Release to Manufacturing).  This is great news for a number of reasons because Mango represents a very enticing update to Windows Phone 7 that in essence puts it at least on par with our competitors from a phone capability...
  • Blog Post: A Scene from Today’s Windows Phone 7 Coffee and Code

    A test version of Smiles running on my WP7 device. In between chatting with developers who dropped by today’s Coffee and Code in downtown Toronto and getting some work done, I’ve been playing Smiles (pictured above), an incredibly cute and incredibly addictive puzzle game by London, ON-based development...
  • Blog Post: Talking XNA with Shawn Hargreaves and Charles Cox

    Can't see the video? Download Silverlight or download the video in high-quality WMV , medium-quality WMV , MP4 and MP3 (audio only) formats! XNA is the game development framework that makes it easier to develop games for Windows, Xbox and Windows Phone, and it lets you do it with managed code – that...
  • Blog Post: Scenes from TechDays Vancouver, Part 4: Go DevMENTAL

    What is Go DevMENTAL? Since TechDays – Microsoft Canada’s cross-country developer and IT pro conference visiting 8 cities across Canada this fall – is a two-day event, we’ve got the venues for the entire 48-hour period, including evenings. Rather than have the session rooms (which are already set up...
  • Blog Post: Q&A with Ranyl Bantog on XNA and Windows Phone 7

    Chances are if you’re a casual gamer like me and have thought about leveraging your existing .NET skills to build games, then you’ve probably heard about XNA . XNA is a platform for building games in managed code on Windows , Zune , Xbox 360 , and Windows Phone 7 . If you’re a student...
  • Blog Post: Get Your Game on with Windows Phone 7

    It’s On! When Windows Phone 7 was first shown to the public in March, we got a taste of the Games hub and were told that Microsoft was working with a number of big game developers to bring games to the new phone platform. Late yesterday, we got the announcement of the first games coming to WP7: It's...
  • Blog Post: Counting Down to Seven: Exploring XNA

    Welcome to another article in the Counting Down to Seven series and the first article in the Exploring XNA series -- it’s like the chocolate and peanut butter of mobile development! If you haven’t read Windows Phone team member Charlie Kindel’s latest blog entry yet, do so now. In explaining what’s different...
  • Blog Post: What skills are major game development companies looking for?

    Are you interested in or thinking about entering the job market as a game developer? I recently attended the Academic Days on Game Development in Computer Science Education Conference which provided some interesting facts. At the conference, Electronic Arts , Blizzard , Bungie and Garage Games revealed...
  • Blog Post: David Hu, WarPong and XNA

    One of the amazing stories to come out of X07 Canada is that of David Hu (shown below on the right, beside David Flook), a grade 10 student from Toronto who created a cool XNA game called WarPong. His story has spread throughout the blogosphere including prominent magazines such as Wired , Blog New Channel...
  • Blog Post: Imagine Cup 2007 Korea - Canada Wins!

    I can now announce that Team Awesome came 3rd place in the Photography Challenge and walked away with a giant cheque and trophies! Congratulations to both Team Awesome ( Team Robot Hospital and the rest of the Canadian and U.S. teams) on winning the finals, flying to Seoul, South Korea and participating...
  • Blog Post: EnergizeIT 2007 - Pre-register Now!

    EnergizeIT 2007 is coming on June 16th and it's shaping up to be a very exciting free Summer event! It's going to happen on a Saturday in downtown Toronto and it's a perfect opportunity for Developers and IT Pros to let loose and "Get Your Geek On!". If you are interested in Microsoft Silverlight , ASP...
  • Blog Post: Game Camp is now Open to Canada!

    We ran the first Game Camp in November 2006 - it was great to see the number of people show up and the excitement you demonstrated towards XNA and the XNA Game Studio Express . In fact, the event was such a hit that our developer and student communities were soon asking us how to run their own Game Camps...
  • Blog Post: Game Camp Ottawa - Mike the 3D Graphic Artist

    Here is a video of Mike, a 3D modeling artist attending the Ottawa Game Camp. In this video, Mike gives his views on some of the 3D frameworks and technologies out there and how XNA measures up. Video: Game Camp Ottawa 2007 - Mike The 3D Artist If you have designed an XNA game, or you are in the...
  • Blog Post: Game Camp Ottawa 2007 - Daniel Deschamps

    Last Saturday, Carleton University hosted a Game Camp for students and faculty. The theme of the Game Camp was XNA and Game Studio Express. Christian Beauclair gave an in-depth presentation on how to create a pong game from scratch. We also took a look at the Creator's Club, games being developed by...
  • Blog Post: [Announcements] Dream. Build. Play. XNA Competition

    If you are interested in XNA or game development, you won't want to miss this! It's a global gaming competition - check out the website at: . As with XNA Game Studio Express, we're going to break from convention and look to do a few different things with Dream.Build.Play...
  • Blog Post: Game Camp Waterloo - Neville Samuell

    Here is a video direct from the Game Camp at the University of Waterloo that took place on January 19th, 2007. Neville Samuell demonstrates his XNA game "Super Paddle Ball 2" - he wrote the game in 6 hours (after attending the original Game Camp in Toronto). Video: Game Camp Waterloo 2007 - Neville Samuell
  • Blog Post: [Podcast] Show #001 - X06 Toronto (Part 1) - Interview with Major Nelson

    Hi everyone, Welcome to the Canadian Developers Podcast. In this series, we'll be chatting with members of the Canadian developer community, finding what exciting stuff you are doing with XNA, ASP.NET AJAX, Windows Live and other technologies, and giving you an interesting new way to connect with...
  • Blog Post: XNA Game Studio Express and XBox 360

    Yesterday Mark Relph and I spent the day at the Brant House talking to the press about XNA and XNA Game Studio Express . Take a look at what Mark had to say. Video: Mark Relph on XBox 360 & XNA If you are interested in GameCamp, head over to
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