Securing, Connecting, and Scaling
After you’ve learned about the core Windows Azure services, there are several questions that might come to mind. For instance, how do you authenticate and authorize users for your application? How can you connect and send messages to tiers of your application? How can you scale out your application to realize the benefits of cloud computing? In this session we will answer these questions while introducing additional services and features for building secure, connected, and scalable applications.


Hands-on Labs

The hands-on labs have been designed to take the concepts that you have learned in the session and apply them to code and solutions. Click on the hands-on lab to download the lab. Then unzip and open the Lab.docx document within the zip to begin the lab.

In order to open and run the hands-on lab, you’ll need the Windows Azure tools v1.5 or higher. If you do not already have the Windows Azure tools installed, download and install them from here.

Need help or have questions?

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Your Host – Jonathan Rozenblit   

Jonathan (“the Cloud Guy’) Rozenblit is a developer evangelist and certified Windows Azure advisor. He currently focuses on working with developers, architects, and development managers on Cloud Computing and implementing Windows Azure as the backend platform to their application.

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