We're always on the search for stories of Canadian developers who have either built new applications using Windows Azure services or have migrated existing applications to Windows Azure. More importantly, it is our mission to highlight the ways these Canadian developers are using Windows Azure to create unique solutions.

These are their stories.


 Frozen Mountain with Anton Venema 
Real-time messaging solution using Cloud Services and Windows Azure Caching.
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 RESAAS with Andrew Thompson 
Highly-scalable solution that uses a gamut of storage options to optimize performance. 
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 Find It EZ with Ken Gnazdowsky 
Thick client front-end application with compute intensive processes and storage offloaded to Windows Azure. 
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 Connect2Fan with Jason Lavigne 
WordPress (PHP) frondend, .NET backend, real-time communications with devices 
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 OptMeIn with Trevor Dean and Chris Fryer
PHP based social app with a SQL Azure backend
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 Agility with Joel Vary
Web front ends, sharded databases, global distribution via CDN
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 Agile Business Cloud Solutions with Jef King and Jaime Bueza       
HTML5 front end, WCF services in the backend
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CanadaDoesAzureEpilogger_100_ch9 Epilogger with Chris Brooker
Hybrid solution with mass data storage in Blob Storage
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CanadaDoesAzureDruida_100_ch9 Druida with Daniel Firka
Globally distributed web based application
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Web Applications

  • Connect2Fans with Jason Lavigne (@Jason_Lavigne) of Connect2Fans (Application)
    Through the Connect2Fans software, the artists and entertainment industry personnel will be able to offer inventory items such as digital files (MP3s, Ringtones, Videos, PDF Books, Software etc), tangible merchandise (CDs, DVDs, t-shirts, photos, and paintings), ticketing (barcoded, PDF, and reserved seating) and hospitality services (restaurants, limo, and VIP services amongst others).
  • Election Night with John White (@diverdown1964) of UnlimitedViz (Saas-on-PaaS)
    Election Night streamlines the data input process as much as possible, and where possible, allow for remote data input by the scrutineers, so that as much of that valuable data is captured as quickly as possible. In addition, Election Night helps decide the best way to allocate volunteers to the polls through data visualization techniques.
  • with Kowsheek Mahmood (@aredkid) of Fersh Co. (API)
    Lead is a worldwide leaderboard platform which developers can integrate into their games to engage its users.
  • Ortsbo with Mark Hale of Ortsbo Inc. (Twitter, Facebook)
    Ortsbo LIVE & GLOBAL, a platform which web-casts a chat with celebrities in over 50 languages, as well as accepting questions in those languages, has a requirement for zero downtime. Windows Azure meets that requirement.

Social Applications

  • Booom!! with Karim Awad (@karimawad) and Trevor Dean (@Trevor_Dean) of bigtime Design
    Booom!! allows you to receive the information you want from your favourite brands and pages on Facebook. No more piles of messages in the "Other" box or constant posts to your wall. Booom!! only sends the stuff you want and drops it right into your personal Booom Box. Booom!! provides a simplified messaging system for both page admins and Facebook users.
  • Code of War with Jacques Chamberland and Ryan Easterbrook of Huge Monster Inc.
    Code of War is a casual real-time-strategy (RTS) game set in the near future where you and your friends collect resources to build your base and army. Once you’re done, together, you unleash everything you’ve got and crush enemy targets.

Mobile Applications

  • Scanvee with Tony Vassiliev of Gauge Mobile
    Scanvee, Gauge Mobile’s proprietary platform, provides consumers, business and agencies the ability to create, manage, modify and track mobile barcode (ie. QR codes) and Near Field Communication (NFC) campaigns.

Massive Storage Applications

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