Securing .NET Applications | Episode 3 | February 1, 2012

Developer News

Host Jonathan Rozenblit goes through the monthly developer news segment, introducing TechDays Online and TechDays TV. Plus: Get a peak at Paul Laberge's absolutely awesome and hilarious Start Something commercial.



Gladstone Grant on the Developer Opportunity

Following his presentation at the East of Toronto .NET User Group (@easttorontoug), Gladstone Grant (@gladstonegrant) takes on Jonathan's questions as well as some from the viewers about the opportunities developers have working with the Microsoft platform.

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Joël Hébert on Building an ASP.NET Security Skeleton

ASP.NET MVP Joël Hébert had one of the most attended sessions at TechDays 2011. In the session, he walked through creating a template that can be re-used in every ASP.NET-based application to protect against common security vulnerabilities and attacks. The full session is available on-demand on TechDays Online. Here, Joël explores a common software architecture document and discusses the need to document threats and mitigations right from the design phases of an application. He then provides an overview of his ASP.NET security skeleton and recommends tools used to test for threats in applications.

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Joël Hébert and Steve Syfuhs on Securing .NET Applications

Security experts Joël Hébert and Steve Syfuhs talk all about security – principles, documentation, attack vectors, testing tools, and more.

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