EP11: The Cloud and the Whiteboard
Aired October 3, 2012

Some things are just better explained on a whiteboard. According to Windows Azure guru Cory Fowler, the Cloud is one of those things. Watch as he demystifies Windows Azure using nothing other than a whiteboard. Plus: news on Windows Azure, Windows 8, Visual Studio, .NET Rocks!, and more.

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  Cory Fowler
Aired September 5, 2012

Technology Post Roundup and news on Windows Azure, Windows 8, Visual Studio, AppFests, and more.

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EP9: App Experiences
Aired August 1, 2012

Great apps have a special ingredient to them that make them great – the experience of the app itself. Paul Laberge comes back to D³: LIVE & INTERACTiVE for a chat on what it takes to create great, but more importantly, consistent, app experiences. Plus: news on Windows 8, BUILD 2012, Office, and more.

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  Paul Laberge
EP8: Excitement All Around
Aired July 11, 2012

ZDNet’s All About Microsoft blog editor and frequent commentator on all things Microsoft, Mary Jo Foley, gives an industry take on the Developer Opportunity made possible with the recent announcements for Windows, Windows Phone, Windows Azure, and Visual Studio 2012. Plus: Mary Jo answers questions from the discussion on the Canadian Developer Connection LinkedIn group.

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  Mary Jo Foley
EP7: Change - A Developer's Opportunity
Aired June 6, 2012

According to Richard Campbell, there are big changes in the development world on the horizon, and while potentially scary, change is a great opportunity for developers. Hear about the history of how we got here and why the things you know now will stay valuable when you add a bit more in. Plus: Richard shares his advice on embracing change to propel you forward.

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EP6: Cloud-Powered Revolutions
Aired May 2, 2012

The D³ crew goes on location to Vancouver to bring you Scott Guthrie’s keynote from TechFest 2012, Scott talks about revolutions that are made possible by the Cloud. Plus: Scott dives deep into how Windows Azure enables developers to drive those revolutions.

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EP5: Building YOU
Aired April 4, 2012

It’s time for a career time out! You know you have the technical skills it takes to succeed and be an expert, but do others know you do? Social media and career development educator Sue Varty offers tips and tricks you can use to showcase your expertise and get ahead in your career.

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EP4: Shiny and New
Aired March 7, 2012

This episode is all about shiny and new developer toys. Windows 8 guru Thomas Lewis takes you through what’s new in Windows 8 for developers. Plus: MVPs Joel Semeniuk and David Wesst share what they’re excited about in the new version of Visual Studio.

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EP3: Securing .NET Applications
Aired February 1, 2012

Developer security experts and TechDays speakers Joël Herbert and Steve Syfuhs will be will be on the show to chat about securing .NET applications easily and effectively.

Plus: Gladstone Grant, VP of Microsoft Canada’s Developer & Platform group, will be talking about the directions of IT and the opportunities developers have working with Microsoft platform.

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  joel_hebert_138x117 SteveSyfuhs
EP2: Start Something
Aired January 4, 2012

Windows Phone experts Atley Hunter, Barranger Ridler, and Paul Laberge will be on the show to chat about Windows Phone and the Developer Movement. Plus: Miguel Carrasco, well known community personality and career coach, talks about LinkedIn and how it can help you start something new in your career. All LIVE and INTERACTiVE.

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Barranger Interview