Written by Dave Owen, Marketing Manager for SMB Customers

bigeasySo you may have caught wind of the Big Easy Offer that was run last year in the US through the grapevine, attended WPC this year and heard the rumblings of it coming back in the US this year, and all the excitement around the program from partners who participated last year. Or maybe you have no idea what this offer is at all?

In either case I want to let you all know that we have launched Canada’s own Big Easy Offer!! And here are some details that will help you be successful by taking full advantage of this program which is available for only a VERY limited time!!

So what is The Big Easy Offer?

The Big Easy Offer allows customers who make a qualifying purchase to earn money back in the form of a partner subsidy. Customers who purchase from multiple product groups have the opportunity to obtain higher payouts and earn larger subsidies. The Big Easy Offer makes available a host of Microsoft products through a single promotion (as opposed to multiple single-product promotions), adding value to additional purchases made from different product groups to receive higher subsidy funds. The Big Easy Offer 2.0 includes popular Microsoft solutions like 2007 Microsoft Office System, Microsoft Windows Server 2008, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and new solutions like Microsoft System Center Essentials and more!!

Great so what does this mean to me as a partner? By taking advantage of this offer, your customer will be able to receive thousands of dollars back in the form of partner subsidy dollars to be used towards partner services, hardware, or non-compete software! This translates into additional sales for you!

With the offer only running from October 1 to December 31, 2008, you will want to get up to speed right away to be able to take advantage here. To give you some more insight into the program and take advantage of some valuable tools, follow these 3 steps:

  1. If you missed the webcast on September 29 or if you made the call but would like a refresher of the program, you can find the recorded webcast here.
  2. To further create awareness within your customer accounts we have created a number of materials for you to be able to take advantage of. Things like email templates, flyers, etc. are all available for you to leverage! They can all be found on the Microsoft Partner Portal here.
  3. Lastly, be sure to check out the The Big Easy Offer section on Microsoft Incentives and get full details on the program. You will find useful tools like the calculator for estimating rebate dollars based on your customers purchase, as well as the redemption links!

By following these 3 steps you should have tremendous success with the Big Easy Offer!

Dave Owen
Marketing Manager
Microsoft Canada

Thank you for reading...

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