This past September we held the SBSC Marketing Boot Camp featuring Mac McIntosh at the Microsoft office in Mississauga, ON. There were many familiar faces in attendance and lots more that are just starting to enjoy all of their benefits as a SBSC. Across the board, those that attended showed a true commitment and proactive interest in growing their business.

I was happy to hear the positive feedback on Mac’s day-long training, which spurred several side conversations in the weeks following the session. Part of his content included networking for business. Although we didn’t spend too much time on the topic, somebody raised their hand with a very important question: “What about LinkedIn?”

The short answer is, YES. Yes, you should use LinkedIn and any other tools available for you to network with your peers and support one another’s objectives. That’s what makes IAMCP Canada, HTG Peer Groups, and the many energetic local user groups so powerful.

In the online world, there are 2 SBSC groups that exist today to help you get connected:

linkedin_logo_lgLinkedIn – A business-oriented social networking site that lets you create your virtual resume, connect with colleagues old and new, submit recommendations, and get questions/answers.

The SBSC group here has 139 members from across the world, and allows for discussions and professional networking with members you know are also designated. There are other groups that relate to SMB and Microsoft for you to explore as well.


Facebook - And of course you already know what Facebook is, but I want to dispel the myth that it is strictly for personal use. Facebook provides everything you need to use it for all facets of your life. Through friend lists you can restrict different content on your profile to different individuals, thereby making it very useful as a centralized networking hub.

The SBSC group here has 97 members from across the world, and allows for discussions, quick notes, events, and more. This group is also monitored so you know members are also designated.

You will find me as a member of both of these if you decide to join. Don’t forget about this SBSC Canada blog either. You are welcome to leave comments on any of these posts to add insights, share recommendations, ask questions, or just say hello!



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