I have heard time and time again from the community that good help is hard to find in the world of technology. Meet MSEmploy, a new independent Canadian job and training portal specifically serving the Microsoft ecosystem.msemploy

Founded in 2005 and operating successfully in several countries already, MSEmploy provides an important service of particular value to SBSCs that otherwise face many challenges in recruiting Microsoft-trained professionals or other compatible professionals ready to move to Microsoft.

Their service boasts:

  • Only technically proficient candidates
  • Manually screened
  • More well-qualified resumes
  • More cost effective
  • Additional value through career fairs, industry research, etc.

Beyond it’s core offering, the most valuable other element I personally see here is the manual screening. In any other place you would look for these targeted professionals, there isn’t any inherent first filter on the applicants. What MSEmploy does is essentially weed out a majority of unqualified candidates you would otherwise have to painstakingly remove yourself from the potentials pool.

The good news is that they are showing Microsoft partners the love with their launch here in Canada. MSEmploy is offering free job postings until October 31, 2008 for you to try the new service first hand without risk. Download this PDF for full details and instructions!



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