The Microsoft Technology Partner Tour is underway and we are live in Toronto with the SBSC Lounge for its kick-off! There are hundreds of people here from technology partners to Microsoft reps gathering for the keynote address by Eric Gales, Vice-President of SMS&P.

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There is a large number of SBSCs in attendance, most of which I have had the pleasure of personally passing nametag flags to so far. These blue flags clearly mark if you are a SBSC, helping you then easily spot one another throughout the day.

While the morning sessions get started, I will be waiting eagerly alongside SBSC PAL Elisabeth Vanderveldt in the SBSC Lounge. We’ve got seating, computers, tons of giveaways, and exclusive “THINK BIG ABOUT SMALL BUSINESS” t-shirts waiting for you inside.

Today we will also take the wraps off something big we are launching for SBSCs in Canada. If you are here today, you will see and hear all about it.

For everyone else, stay tuned for a follow-up post with pictures and details!



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