IMG_1685The Microsoft Technology Partner Tour kick-off in Toronto was fantastic! As I said in a post live from the SBSC Lounge yesterday, there were hundreds of partners in attendance at the welcoming Toronto Congress Centre.

You could easily tell who the SBSCs were, as we had passed out blue nametag flags to anyone with the designation. From the feedback I heard, this was really helpful in identifying your peers for networking. It also caught the attention of those that were interested in joining the community.

The SBSC Lounge itself was a huge hit! In the noon rush, there were people everywhere waiting to speak with Elisabeth (SBSC PAL) or I. Throughout the rest of the day, folks dropped by to have longer conversations about their business, products, and community activities. I encourage you to do the same when you visit, as in the peak lunch hour it’s more likely we’ll be talking in groups.

A special thanks goes to Vivian, Julie, Hilori, and Rami from Microsoft for all their help in making the SBSC Lounge possible.

With no further ado, here is a snapshot of the SBSC Lounge before it opened:


Here are snapshots of the lounge seating and computers (see the live comments!):

 IMG_1671 IMG_1663

And here are snapshots of the awesome giveaways (stress blocks and exclusive “THINK BIG ABOUT SMALL BUSINESS” t-shirts):

IMG_1680 IMG_1676

Be sure to attend one of our next stops in your city:



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