Want publicity for the awesome work you do? Want to represent the SBSC community in Canadian media? From time to time we see significant interest bubbling up on important topics from our small business customers. The best way for us to get the word out is, of course, PR!

We’re calling out for SBSCs in Canada that want to create buzz for their business and speak about these topics with their successful customer scenarios.

We call this the ‘Partner and Customer Evidence Program’.

Together we can build awareness so customers are well-informed and recognize that SBSCs are the partners of choice for their technology needs. We want to show how, with the help of a SBSC, a customer was able to achieve real business value and ROI from the implementation of Microsoft-based software

This benefits you and your organization as you:

  • Win recognition for your innovative business and technology solutions
  • Get free publicity for your company to help build brand awareness
  • Get recognition for the work you’re doing with your customer base

Plus we do all the work with a team of media relations and marketing professionals for any necessary interviews, and the development of relevant content for the media. Plus it requires minimal time, where typical interviews take 15-20 minutes over the phone for you and your customer.

If this sounds like something YOU want to do, this is HOW can we make this happen and WHAT we need from you.

We are calling for PR cases on…

imageimage   image

Windows Vista – You and a small business customer of yours who has been using it for at least a few months and can speak to the business benefits, ROI, and why they chose it.

The Big Easy Offer – Have you leveraged The Big Easy Offer in Canada to help close new business successfully? We want to capture how you have been able to drive positive business results from positioning this. Done!

Open License Solutions – If you have any interesting small business customers, cool implementations with great ROI, or strong overall solutions that are Open License focused. Done!

If you think you have something that fits, e-mail us now!

Just send a short description of the scenario and we will evaluate it to see how it may fit in. There’s little effort on your end, and if the wheels get put into motion it could mean all sorts of PR for you – local newspapers, magazines, online, channel press, etc.



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