A couple of you have contacted me to clarify the SBS 2008 downgrade rights scenarios and process.

You should be aware that Microsoft grants the rights to use any prior version of SBS 2008, regardless of which license type you acquire.  Your downgrade options are as follow:


If you purchased SBS from Volume Licensing, you will get the downgrade CALs at the time of purchase. For any other channels, such as OEM and FPP, you can call the hotline for your CALs. There is also a hotline for SA fulfillment.

  • SBS 2008 CAL Downgrade (Canada) - 866-325-0283
  • SBS 2003 SA Fulfillment (Canada) - 866-324-7110

Remember that you can’t separate out components of SBS – if you downgrade, it must be on the whole solution. (There is a small temporary exception for SQL.)

Full details here. Contact information here.



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