We launched this SBSC Canada blog about 89 days ago (63 “business days”) as the first of its kind in the technology partner ecosystem at Microsoft Canada.

Since then I have had the pleasure of sharing a total of – you guessed it – 63 posts! This wouldn’t have been possible without the many community writers from your SBSC PALs and peers, as well as others at Microsoft that have joined in.

Reviewing my RSS and site analytics, I wanted to announce the most popular posts of 2008. Note that this does not include administrative alerts.

Top 10 Most Read Posts

  1. SBSC Lounge and something big in the works!
  2. Happening now with SBS and EBS 2008
  3. More than 30 SBSC finalists in the 2008 IMPACT Awards
  4. Why you need an Action Pack this October
  5. How to ensure your billable resources are profitable – Brad Kowerchuk, SBSC PAL
  6. SBSCs can power their business with Dynamics CRM for just $19/user
  7. Marketing to weather the recession storm – Stuart Crawford, SBSC Community
  8. David VS Goliath – why David is winning – Elisabeth Vanderveldt, SBSC PAL
  9. News from SMB Nation 2008

Top 5 Most Clicked Posts

  1. First 3 comments get a SBSC polo
  2. MDOP technical training this December
  3. Windows Vista Small Business Assurance now in Canada, SBSCs featured – Matt Wolodarsky, Microsoft
  4. Why webcasts are important & this week’s schedule
  5. Leveraging social media to market your business – Stuart Crawford, SBSC Community

The feedback I’ve received so far has been overwhelmingly positive, but I’m looking for more! What topics do you enjoy – community, product, offers, training, business, etc? Do you want to write? What would you like to see done new or different in 2009?



Thank you for reading...

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